15 Too Cool For School Trivia Tidbits

Japan was too much for Blockbuster Video in the early ‘90s.
15 Too Cool For School Trivia Tidbits

I am a witch and I am very good at what I do. My spells are the finest that money can buy, though I must confess they cost rather more than you may imagine. The reason is because it takes years and years of practice to perfect such things; even now I cannot always guarantee success. But I am very good with the spells that work best—the ones that make people fall in love or become addicted to a certain kind of food. I know which herbs grow best where and how long to steep them for, which spells to give to a young boy when he grows older than me, so his hair will never turn grey. And yet there are times when even my magic cannot help me; I must rely on other kinds of magic instead.

For instance, there was a list of facts that a young man tried to memorize, and yet no spells of mine could help him. That knowledge was entirely resistant to magic. That list went ...

Oingo Boingo’s “Little Girls” perhaps sent the wrong message.

Canada banned the Oingo Boingo song Little Girls. The Independent named it as the creepiest music video of all time, but Danny Elfman still maintains it was written as a facetious jab and satire. CRACKED.COM


The government bombed a gas reserve and radiated it beyond use.

The US government ruined a natural gas reservoir by dropping an atomic bomb into the ground. A 40-kiloton bomb was dropped into a mile-deep hole to release the gas, which it did, but the gas was then too radioactive to use. CRACKED.COM


Susan Sarandon had to quickly learn the cello for a role.

Susan Sarandon had to learn how to play cello after being cast in The Witches of Eastwick. Sarandon didn't know this was required of her until after she was cast, and was told if she left the production at that point she could be sued. CRACKED.COM

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The Titanic didn’t rip a hole in its side before it sank.

The iceberg that sank the Titanic did not produce a gash in the hull as expected. Divers in 1986 saw the wreckage and believe the iceberg buckled seams in the hull as the ship slammed into it. CRACKED.COM

Tim Maltin 

A Florida couple pulled an Uno reverse card on Bank of America.

A couple from Florida got revenge on Bank of America after their home was mistakenly foreclosed: Banket America Bank of America The courts sided with the couple, making BoA cover their legal fees and giving them permission to seize bank assets right out of the lobby of one branch. CRACKED.COM


Japan was too hardcore for Blockbuster Video in the early ‘90s.

Blockbuster Video failed to enter the Japanese market in the early '90s partly because of their wholesome strategy. BLOCKBOS BLOCKBOSTER BIG W VIDEO BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO TER VIDEO BLOCK SEE IL - Blockbuster underestimated the popularity of extreme horror and adult entertainment in the Japanese video market. CRACKED.COM

GCross Inc 

Safeway is literally a safer way to shop.

Safeway was founded by a preacher that felt credit purchases were evil. SAFEWAY FOODS SAFEWAY S.M. Skaggs named his cash-only stores to promote the safe way to shop, in opposition to the post-WWI expansion of consumer credit. CRACKED.COM


Virgin Atlantic turned their oft stolen condiments into free advertising.

Virgin Atlantic salt and pepper shakers have pinched from Virgin Atlantic written on the bottom. virgi Virgin Passengers kept stealing the shakers, so instead of getting rid of them, Virgin branded them and made them conversation pieces. CRACKED.COM

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A Sri Lankan handball team faked their way into a tournament.

A fake handball team fooled their way into a German tournament. BRZEG VORI nexe 9 KELAS nexe ИНЕР PGNi ИНЕР TELE2 EG M SOLI The 'Sri Lankan national handball team' lost all their matches and mysteriously disappeared, leaving a thank you letter to the Bavarians hospitality. CRACKED.COM


A malware infected computer was auctioned off for $.3 million.

A Windows XP computer infected with six types of malware was auctioned for $1.3 million. Stand - the Computer National - - Shared documents - - I Administrator WORTH ... - I - Restrictions - Marage - Decamando . - Expires - Petines - ask Ins the - Photo I - Computer Media Have Teconger - houpen Acomo and the - - Product and Tom - and Settings - - - The laptop is part of an artwork titled The Persistence of Chaos, and was a joint project between artist Guo o Dong and cyber-security company Deep Instinct. CRACKED.COM


A British man changed his name to stick it to his bank.

A British man legally changed his name over a £20 overdraft fee from his bank. CHURCH STREET Yorkshire Bank y War tures WORK the was - - - - - Michael Howard changed his name to Yorkshire Bank plc are Fascist Bastards just to receive a return check in that name to settle his account. CRACKED.COM

The Guardian 

Germany credits David Bowie with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The German government posthumously thanked David Bowie for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany credits a concert Bowie held in 1987 as a major reason Berlin was unified and tore down the wall. CRACKED.COM


Dogs show they’re being playful with “play sneezes.”

A dog will play sneeze to show us and other dogs they are having a good time. Dogs also tend to curl their lips while they are playing a fun activity. This lip curl creates a wrinkled nose that can cause their body to erupt in a sneeze. CRACKED.COM


The Tour De France has declared seven races to be without a winner.

After Lance Armstrong was stripped of his wins, seven Tour De France races were declared without winners. Armstrong may have been caught doping, but so have many riders that finished behind him. CRACKED.COM


Val Kilmer has lost his speaking voice.

Val Kilmer has lost his speaking voice due to the intense treatments for his throat cancer. Audio tech company Sonantic is building an AI program to help synthesize Kilmer's voice using past performances. CRACKED.COM


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