15 Better-Believe-It Facts Straight From The Horse's Mouth

15 Better-Believe-It Facts Straight From The Horse's Mouth

The sun had long risen and was beginning to shine on its way into the sky. But still the two gods argued, as they did every day, over which would reign supreme in the heavens. It had gone on for a very long time, indeed, for the argument was very heated.

One of them—the one with yellow hair, a beard like a lion, and who was dressed like a king—had a spear that glowed blue when it came close to him. The other one—with long white hair, and dressed in robes like a monk—was always throwing stones at his rival with a stick. They argued about everything: who was more beautiful (they both thought so), what kind of food was the best (everything), how they should treat the mortals on Earth, what should be the reward for the good and punishment for evil, and so on.

But there was one thing they could both agree on, and only one thing. It was the truth of a list of fifteen facts, which went:

NASA almost killed one of their astronauts before the Apollo mission.

NASA had an accident while testing spacesuits for the Apollo moon missions. PUR Test subject Jim Leblanc was accidentally depressurized while in a vacuum chamber, and lost consciousness and experienced his own spit boiling. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Popular Mechanics 

Life in plastic, it’s been legally defined as fantastic.

Mattel once tried to sue Aqua over their song Barbie Girl. Judge Alex Kozinski said that the song was protected by the right to free speech in the US, and advised the parties to chill. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A man drank a tall glass of meth on accident and died.

In 2013, a man named Romano Dias died after drinking $54,000 worth of methamphetamine, after mistaking it for fruit juice. The bottle of liquid meth arrived at Dias' home three years prior, most likely intended to be received by a drug dealer. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Daily News

Candy Crush Saga is a ripoff of an indie game.

The indie game CandySwipe predates Candy Crush Saga by two years. Moves: 33 Score: 4520 The maker of Candy Crush Saga has been widely ridiculed for its trademark claims to common words like candy and saga, in an effort to protect the game from blatant ripoffs. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Michael Jackson wanted to be the first live-action Spider-Man.

Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics in the early 1990' so that he could play Spider-Man in his own produced movie. When Stan Lee told Michael that he'd need to go to Marvel for the Spider-Man rights, Michael planned on just buying up the whole thing. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Cinema Blend 

Beautiful people eat free.

There is a Korean eatery in China where the five most beautiful patrons of the day dine at no charge. All those hoping to earn a free meal are taken to a 'beauty identification area,' where they are photographed and judged by a panel of plastic surgeons. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Oddity Central

The Bugatti Veyron will burn through tires at top speed in 5 minutes.

The top speed of the Bugatti Veyron is limited not by the engine, but by the possibility of the tires exploding. The tires are only good enough for running at 250 mph for about 15 minutes. After that, Bugatti would need to swap them for a new set. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Robb Report 

John Fogerty was sued for sounding like himself.

In 1985, John Fogerty of 'Creedence Clearwater® Revival' was sued for sounding like himself in his solo album. Не pushed it to the Supreme Court to fight the double standard of defendants not being awarded legal fees and won, setting a precedent that defends artists from corporate sabotage. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Elevator wait times are alleviated by mirrors.

Mirrors are placed near elevators as a psychological trick to make the wait seem more tolerable. This works because, like parakeets, people like to look at themselves. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Signal Voice

An age-old gamer myth turned into a real Mortal Kombat character.

Before he was an actual character, 'Ermac' from Mortal Kombat started as a rumored secret fighter found in the games' code. An audit menu listed Error Macros under the name ERMAC in the original game, leading fans to think this was an unlockable character. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Den of Geek 

A US pilot during WWII threw trash out of his plane when he ran out of bullets.

An American pilot made. so many attack runs on a Japanese battleship, he started to throw his trash at it. When Lt. Thomas C. Lupo ran out of ammunition, he threw loose cockpit articles like Coke bottles at the IJN Yamato, one of the largest battleships in history. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

National WW2 Museum

The Novice Tree is full of aggressive ants.

The ant tree is also known as a novice tree because only someone unfamiliar with the tree would dare touch it. Touch it and you will soon discover that the ants that live inside it are aggressive and venomous. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The Kiwi lays an egg so big it’s like a human pushing out a 4-year-old.

The Kiwi bird lays an egg that can weigh up to a quarter of its body mass. Proportionally, that's like a chicken laying a one-pound egg or a human giving birth to a 4-year-old. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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