15 Facts About Will Smith Movies

Will Smith has (had?) an illustrious career.
15 Facts About Will Smith Movies

Before Will Smith was a hit actor, producer, director, singer, dad, slapper, husband and… (dunno, does he do video games? He probably does video games), before all of that, he was a young kid making music for everyone. But why does his music have no cursing in it? It’s actually an adorable story. His grandmother found his original lyrics and told him he was great… but didn’t need to use such profanity. His response? “F**k.” And then he never did. 

Find out more fun facts just like that in the list below (though none of them have the f-bomb, because that word makes Facebook and Google cry real tears).

Here are 15 more facts that’ll make you say, “Oh, crap, I haven’t seen this movie in so long, is it on Netflix? No? Okay, gotta be on Hulu… Amazon Prime? Damn, do I have to buy this. Eh, I’ll just watch King Richard again.”

Will Smith has had an illustrious career, performing in such hits as Second in the Box Office when Harry Potter Came Out and Worst DCEU Movie, and also a couple of good movies like Men in Black or Jersey Girl – remember how he’s in Jersey Girl? Man, Jersey Girl was great. Almost as good as…

Enemy of the State

will smith Movies Enemy of the state I made the judgment that we couldn't survive with the popular impression ... formed by the last Will Smith movie, said the NSA Director. The NSA's one weakness is Will Smith movies. We can relate. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

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