15 Facts About What's Streaming on Netflix In May

We always come back to our first streaming love.
15 Facts About What's Streaming on Netflix In May

Ah, Netflix, our old love. The first streaming service that was there for us in our halcyon youth. Before the streaming wars, there was Survivor and Masters of Horror, and days spent waiting for DVDs that would never arrive. So this month, let’s pay respect to the reason for the console wars – all hail Netflix’s diminishing library. But not that diminishing! There’s a bunch of new stuff dropping on Netflix this month, from old classics we have had some trouble finding on other services (and no, we’re not paying for it like some old-money socialite) to some fancy new premieres -- so here’s a runthrough of some of the weirdest, most fun, and most unique stuff – along with some facts we bet you might not have known about them. And if you did, congrats, you get one silver star. Five silver stars gets one gold star. Eight gold stars get a two-second handshake. After 12 handshakes, you qualify for a platinum certification. Once certified platinum seven times, bam! you’re in first class. And after a few years in first class, you can trade that first class status for a hug! But not from us. We have a thing about hugging people. Your mom will probably hug you. Yeah, hug your mom.

Stranger Things

May on NETFLIX May 27 stranger Things season 4 This is the first of a two-part season in which the intrepid youths of Hawkins face off against Vecna, who in the DnD lore is a lich who travels the multiverse. CRACKED.COM

Source: Inverse

Jackass 4.5

May on NETFLIX May 20 Jackass 4.5 Jackass comes back to Netflix with another 5. film's worth of content, including deleted scenes and cameos. CRACKED.COM

Source: NME

The Pentaverate

May on NETFLIX May 5 The Pentaverate Mike Myers' series is a spin-off to So I Married an Axe Murderer. CRACKED.COM

Source: Variety

Senior Year

May on NETFLIX May 5 senior Year This is Alicia Silverstone's first teen comedy since Clueless, which is now almost 30 years old. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb


May on NETFLIX May 1 Moonlighter Moonlighter is just the latest game to come to Netflix's new gaming library. (Also the best.) CRACKED.COM

The Lincoln Lawyer

May on NETFLIX May 13 The Lincoln Lawyer The acclaimed meme is getting a television adaptation! CRACKED.COM

3 Ninjas Kick Back

May on NETFLIX May 1 3 Ninjas Kick Back Despite being filmed third, it was released second. The third film was made back-to-back with the first, but was delayed long enough this sequel was made and released first. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive

May on NETFLIX May 3 Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive 105 meters (345 feet) is the record for long distance traveled under ice. CRACKED.COM

Source: Barron’s

Hello, My Name is Doris

May on NETFLIX May 1 Hello, My Name is Doris Directed by Michael Showalter, who directed the Oscar-winning The Eyes of Tammy Faye, and starred as an actor in the decidedly not Oscar- winning Wet Hot American Summer. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb


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