15 Trivia Tidbits About Princess Buttercup from 'The Princess Bride'

15 Trivia Tidbits About Princess Buttercup from 'The Princess Bride'

Princess Buttercup is the main character of William Goldman's (and later Rob Reiner's adaptation of) The Princess Bride. She starts her life taking care of horses, and goes on to become betrothed to the king of her nation -- granted, a terrible shitty king who has her kidnapped almost immediately in order to launch an attack on his enemies, treating her like some kind of sentient Two Towers. 

After her rescue by the Man in Black, she doesn't really do much until she's re-rescued at the end, making her one of the first princesses in all media who is found, rescued, and then captured again before the end of the piece of media itself -- it's like instead of Toad letting you know Peach was in another castle, you found her... and Bowser just came and stole her back immediately. 

But who is Buttercup, aside from the most awkwardly named non-fruit salad in all media? Let’s find out!

Robin Wright

CRACKED.COM Princess Buttercup The Princess Bride was Robin wright's first major film role. It led to a career which really kicked off a few years later with Forrest Gump.

Source: IMDb

Author Approval

CRACKED.COM Princess Buttercup well, that's what I wrote. According to the casting director, that's what author William Goldman said upon meeting Robin Wright.

Source: Vice


CRACKED.COM Princess Buttercup There's a sequel to The Princess Bride. A short story added to some editions deals with Waverley, Buttercup's baby born on a deserted island.

Most Beautiful Woman in the World

CRACKED.COM Princess Buttercup she's considered the most beautiful woman in the world. The film partially justifies this by showing almost no other female characters.


CRACKED.COM Princess Buttercup she has an eventful anniversary. She's engaged (and kidnapped) as part of the 500th anniversary of her country.


CRACKED COM Princess Buttercup she names her horse Horse. She's not the brightest in the book.

The Princess Bride

Princess Buttercup she becomes a princess and a bride at the same time. Buttercup is made Princess of Hammersmith, so Humperdinck doesn't marry a peasant. CRACKED.COM

Source: CharacTour

The Original Bride

CRACKED.COM Princess Buttercup she wasn't Humperdinck's first choice. Prince Humperdinck was engaged to marry the Princess of Guilder, but after finding out she was bald, he broke off the wedding and made plans to take over the country instead.
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