15 Now-You-Know Facts That Sat On Our Chests Like A Sleep Paralysis Demon

Burger King got fancy in the ‘90s.
15 Now-You-Know Facts That Sat On Our Chests Like A Sleep Paralysis Demon

It was not a happy day in the kingdom of Lomar. The weather was cold and damp. The people were sick. They were starving and thirsty as they walked the dusty, cracked paths that led between their hovels, or slept under bridges and doorways where they could find shelter. There was sickness everywhere, so much death and suffering among those who should have been healthy and vigorous and strong, yet they lived on in wretchedness, like animals, with their bellies distended with hunger and the sores of disease.

"The crops," said one old man, "the fields have not been tilled for many weeks, there are rats and mice all over, and our herdsmen are dead from the sickness."

"We need a healer," said an old woman who was still able to walk.

They went to a wise man living in a mountain nearby, a man whose knowledge was legendary, to hear advice on what they should do. But they left more unhappy than ever, because all he had been able to tell them was this list of fifteen facts:

A mean gym teacher inspired Lynyrd Skynyrd’s name.

Lynyrd Skynyrd based the group's name as a mocking tribute to their old P.E. teacher. Coach Leonard Skinner at Robert Е. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida disciplined two of the band's members for letting their hair grow long. CRACKED.COM


President Monroe had to defend himself against his Treasury Secretary.

President James Monroe and his Treasury Secretary dueled with fireplace tongs and a cane. During a contentious White House meeting, Treasury Secretary William H. Crawford became so angry at President James Monroe that he began whipping his cane at the President, forcing Monroe to use fireplace tongs to defend himself. CRACKED.COM

Richmond Magazine 

There’s a mini Washington Monument in D.C.

There's a miniature Washington Monument under a manhole in D.C. The 12ft tall replica of the Washington Monument hides under a manhole near the actual monument. It's part of the network of a million control points across the country that helps the National Geodetic Survey synchronize all of the government's maps. CRACKED.COM


Ants smell like formic acid to some people.

Some people can smell ants. Ants typically smell of formic acid, although this scent is only smell-able by some people. We call these people unlucky. CRACKED.COM


Naked mole rats can go 8 minutes with no air.

Naked mole rats can go 18 minutes with no oxygen by metabolizing fructose. Naked mole rats can survive for six hours in extremely low oxygen environments, and for 18 minutes with no oxygen at all. When a mole rat's brain and heart are deprived of oxygen, its cells switch to digesting a fructose instead of glucose. CRACKED.COM


An astronaut brought a sandwich to space.

A corned beef sandwich was smuggled into space. Astronaut John Young smuggled a corned beef sandwich into space aboard the Gemini 3 mission. Не hid the sandwich in his spacesuit pocket and shared it with the other crew members. NASA banned smuggled sandwiches from future missions. CRACKED.COM


Gold was second to aluminum in the 9th century.

Aluminum became more precious than gold and silver in the 19th century, because it was harder to obtain. The French government once displayed Fort Knox-like aluminum bars next to the crown jewels, and the minor emperor Napoleon III reserved a prized set of aluminum cutlery for special guests at banquets. CRACKED.COM


BK got fancy in the ‘90s.

In 1993, Burger King briefly offered table service during dinner hours. KING BURGER BURGER FRESHLY KING PREPARED FOOTOR KING CRISPY Staunton Street de and - THE I A 40 03 7L - FLAME GRILLING SINCE 1954 THINK Health WHOPR.R Your choices were a Whopper dinner basket, steak sandwich, chicken, or shrimp. They also offered popcorn as a table appetizer. CRACKED.COM


An act of humanity inspired one aspect of Dark Souls.

The idea for summons in Dark Souls came from people helping the creator when he got his car stuck. DARK SOULS REMASTERED Hidetaka Miyazaki was inspired to design its summoning based on an experience he had when his car got stuck in the snow on a hill and a bunch of strangers came and helped before vanishing. CRACKED.COM

Games Radar 

One man took advantage of a theme park loop hole and ate dirt cheap meals for years.

A man ate over 2000 meals at Six Flags Magic Mountain with a $150 annual pass. A California man named Dylan ate most of his meals at the amusement park over seven years by spending $150 on an annual unlimited meals pass. This comes to about 50 cents a meal. CRACKED.COM

Toronto Sun 

The Earth’s crust is as thin as an apple’s skin, comparatively.

The crust of the Earth is so thin that it can be compared with the peel of an apple. The crust only makes up 1% of the earth's volume at just 25 miles deep, yet this comparatively small area contains all known life in the universe. CRACKED.COM

National Geographic  

Parliament debated whether or not to throw bankers in the river with snakes.

British parliament debated a resolution for bankers to be sewn into sacks with snakes and dumped into the Thames river. One of the first recognisably modern financial crises was the South Sea Bubble in 1720. Many thousands of British citizens, including Sir Isaac Newton, invested their savings in a scam and were impoverished when it burst. CRACKED.COM

The Finanser 

“Candy Crush” is crushing families.

17,000 divorce cases in Egypt cited Candy Crush as the cause of divorce in 2018. It seems like between mobile and console gaming, it's PlayStation that is breaking up the most families with 250,000 divorce cases. CRACKED.COM

Egypt Today

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