15 Trivia Tidbits About The Michelin Man, Tolkien, And The Price Is Right

JRR Tolkien: Mr. Steal-your-girl.
15 Trivia Tidbits About The Michelin Man, Tolkien, And The Price Is Right

I am a very serious man who has devoted my life to learning and understanding. My work has always been dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge; it has taken me across the globe on countless adventures and I have seen things that many people can only read about in books.

In fact, one could even say that this journal is the sum of my knowledge—a single volume to record everything I've learned during my travels through time and space. And yet, despite what one might expect from my words, there is no such thing as absolute truth or knowledge. In the end, we must each come to our own conclusions, for no man knows anything with complete certainty. The universe contains too many mysteries and secrets, far too much strangeness, not to mention a great many things that remain completely incomprehensible to the human mind.

Now here are fifteen fun facts:

“Primal Rage” is rated ‘Teen’ for a reason.

Primal Rage was taken off shelves after a boy imitated a bodily-function fatality. CRACKED.COM Best Buy removed the fighting video game Primal Rage from its shelves after an Arizona woman complained that her idiot son peed in his own mouth mimicking one of the gorilla-like characters.


Was Steve Jobs just the biggest a-hole in the world?

Steve Jobs got a new Mercedes every 6 months. Phone JAPAN RXX CRACKED.COM Jobs ditched his old wheels at the 6 month mark, getting himself a brand new, shiny Mercedes, because a car didn't need a license plate until it was 6 months old.

Cult of Mac

Tires were white when the Michelin Man was created.

The Michelin Man was created before tires were black. CHELIN MICHEL CRACKED.COM The Michelin Man is white because he was created before carbon was added as a preservative and a strengthener to the basic rubber material. Before 1912, tires were a gray-white or light and translucent-beige color.


Ghost ships from North Korea keep ending up in Japan.

North Korean Ghost Ships keep washing up on Japanese shores full of corpses. CRACKED.COM Dozens of derelict ships with dead crews keep drifting to Japan every year, totalling hundreds in just a few years. Within five weeks in 2015, 12 of these ships washed ashore, and no one is really sure what happened.


Microsoft saved Apple in 997.

In 1997, Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy by investing $150 million. CRACKED.COM Steve Jobs got needed cash in return for non-voting shares and an assurance that Microsoft would support Office for the Mac for five years. Apple also agreed to drop a long-running lawsuit in which they alleged Microsoft copied the Mac os for Windows.


The Plinko game was still rigged to always land on the highest amount during a shoot.

The Price is Right once forgot to un-rig the Plinko game during a broadcast. is Right the PRICE is Rights 5 YEARS CRACKED.COM The Price Is Right rigs the Plinko game for promotional ads using the fishing line so that the chip lands in the $10,000 slot. The wire was mistakenly left in place and a contestant dropped 3 consecutive chips before it was noticed. She was allowed to keep the money.


Tolkien stole some guy’s girl and wifed her up.

JRR Tolkien's love story with his wife is ripped right from a fantasy novel. CRACKED.COM Tolkien fell in love with his future wife Edith Bratt at 16 years old. His guardian, a Catholic priest, ordered him to not have any contact until he was 21. Не obeyed and met her under a railroad viaduct and she broke up her engagement, converted to Catholicism, and married Tolkien.


There’s still time to make Villain Land.

Disney once considered building a theme park called The Dark Kingdom. CRACKED GOM Imagineers credit the formation of the idea with the opening of Cinderella's Castle Mystery Tour, at Tokyo Disneyland, in 1986. The attraction would feature the flume ride Villain Mountain, and a villain redo of the California Screamin' Roller Coaster at the center of Villain Village.

Just Disney 

Pesto has its own scanner at Genoa airport.

An airport in Italy makes an exception for pesto in their 3 ounces of liquid rule. CRACKED.COM Genoa airport in Italy makes one exception to the 3 ounces of liquid rule for pesto, which goes through a special pesto scanner.


Campbell’s Soup put marbles in the bowl for advertisements.

Campbell's Soup was in hot water for putting marbles in their soup. Campbell's CONDENSED - TOMATO SOUP Campbell's Campbell CONDENSED CONDENARD S S TOMATO CRACKED.COM TOMATO UP The Federal Trade Commission once issued a cease and desist order to Campbell's Soup company for using marbles in their soup ads. The marbles were placed in the bottom of the soup to push the solid ingredients to the top, which was considered deceptive.

Campaign Live

A group of Weight Watchers broke the floor when they got together.

The floor collapsed under a group of Weight Watchers. . 14 not C 8 100 o 1/ d 60 3 di IG 1 1 g 19 0 CRACKED.COM ® When a group of 20 members gathered in Vaxjo, south central Sweden for their regular weigh-in, the floor collapsed. We suddenly heard a huge thud, they said, we almost thought it was an earthquake and everything flew up in the air.


Arizona has a "Stupid Motorist Law."

Arizona can charge anyone that needs rescue after ignoring roadway barriers. CRACKED.COM Arizona has a law called the Stupid Motorist Law that allows the state to charge drivers for their rescue if they ignore barricades and get stuck in flooded roadways.


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