Are those wedding bells we hear in the air? It’s Spring and Summer, and love is coming around the corner to barrel us over into their gracious arms. But sometimes, love isn’t enough. Sometimes in the cold gray mornings and harsh orange evenings of dusk, we need more. Like an entire mansion to hide our sorrows in and store our revelries in. And sometimes, we need much, much, much more. One thousand happy haunts to keep us company all through the night. Dozens of smiling, (soon-to-be) headless victims strolling in every day, all here to tell us "I do" -- forever. 

Though the Haunted Mansion doesn't have a villain per se, Constance Hatchaway, The Bride, is the closest thing the ride (or the series in general) has to an antagonist. But is she really so wrong? Can we call her a bad person? Is Constance, the Hatchet-wielding bride, really all that wrong for what she does?

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Wedding Bells Keep Ringing, Happy Wedding Day to You

WEDDING BELLS KEEP RINGING According to the Disney Kingdoms: The Haunted Mansion comic, Constance Hatchaway kills her husbands... because she likes weddings. CRACKED.COM

Source: Disney Wiki


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