The Batman is filled with more Batvillains than you can shake a bat at – Catwoman, Penguin, Falcone, The Riddler, Hush (because Riddler kinda just stole his whole act), and best of all, the Clown Boy. It seems that Batman’s villain universe is expanding — with a new Arkham show on the rise and a sequel all but guaranteed, it’s time to look ahead to Robert Pattison’s cinematic future and all the villains who he’ll be facing (or kissing?) there. 

You thought a guy who tied people up and fed them to rats was weird? Check out – Condiment King. You think the Joker looks messed up, introducing his daughter, Duela. If you think the Riddler is too narrow of a vibe, look at the Calendar Man. 

Batman’s had some notoriously messed up villains. These aren’t all of them; these aren’t even most of them. But here are some of the weirdest enemies the Bat Dude has ever fought.


VILLAINS BATMAN SHOULD FIGHT IN HIS NEXT MOVIE FLAMINGO Eduardo Flamingo, the most effete assassin of all-time This villain is perhaps the only one who can outcamp Batman (or Robert Pattinson). CRACKED.COM

Source: Batman Fandom

Crazy Quilt

VILLAINS BATMAN SHOULD FIGHT IN HIS NEXT MOVIE CRAZY QUILT Paul Dekker Crazy Quilt - a technicolor marvel! One of Batman's most notoriously lame villains, despite having color- controlling powers, which... are important? CRACKED.COM

Source: Batman Fandom

James Gordon, Jr.

VILLAINS BATMAN SHOULD FIGHT IN HIS NEXT MOVIE JAMES GORDON, JR. No flashy names for this serial killer and Batgirl's brother. Though too early for it, a possible future plot may find Battinson going against James Gordon's own son - a psychopathic killer who can give the Joker a run for his money (but looks cooler). CRACKED.COM

Source: Batman Fandom

Condiment King

VILLAINS BATMAN SHOULD FIGHT IN HIS NEXT MOVIE CONDIMENT KING The man who can spray mustard and ketchup EVERYWHERE. A joke character, he would be perfect in the next Batman film, if only because they'd probably make him a creepy hot dog cart owner/drug dealer. CRACKED.COM

Source: Batman Fandom


VILLAINS BATMAN SHOULD FIGHT IN HIS NEXT MOVIE BATWOMAN Katherine Kane, athletic heiress She's the original Batwoman and an antagonist to Batman, attempting to upstage him and interfere with his investigations. CRACKED.COM

Source: Batman Fandom

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