15 Facts About 'The Batman' To Carry You Through The Batweek

15 Facts About 'The Batman' To Carry You Through The Batweek

The new Batflick, The Batman — starring Robert Pattinson, not Ben Affleck — has one of the best Bats and Bruce Waynes around. And one of the reasons for that is that almost all of the most fun and most wild bits and pieces were seemingly ripped right from the decades of comic book sources. 

Here's the thing about comics: They can get weird. We are perfectly aware that this is a franchise that historically features a man running around in a bat-suit, talking crocodile men, and an extremely higher than normal number of orphaned children beating the bejesus out hardened criminals on school nights. That being said, with the approach to realism, it seemed like director Matt Reeves would be inclined to ease his creative foot off the gas of the batmobile of bizarre, but we're glad to see that wasn't the case. Again: comics can get weird. Embrace it.

Spoilers ahead:

Despite taking inspiration, originally the film would’ve been an adaptation of The Long Halloween

The Batman was almost an adaptation. The Long Halloween was almost the plot, and while that changed, major elements were kept, including a lot of the villains. Still missing? Two-Face, the Ventriloquist, Solomon Grundy, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow.

Source: Screen Rant

The studios wouldn’t let Colin Farrell’s Penguin smoke on-screen

NO smoking, Mr. Cobblepot. Despite being one of his visual signatures, Colin Farrell's Penguin was not allowed to smoke due to censors. No word on his atrocious top hat.

Source: The A.V. Club

Serial killer Riddler has his roots in Earth-One and Zero Year

When did the Riddler get so dark? Earth-One - that's when. The spin-off graphic novel series features a tattooed anarchist bomber Riddler. The rest of his The Batman aesthetic probably comes from Year Zero, where he floods Gotham City.

Source: DC Database

Catwoman is bisexual, according to the comics and Kravitz

Catwoman is bisexual. At least according to her actress Zoë Kravitz, and one comic by Genevieve Valentine and Garry Brown, where Selina Kyle makes out with the new Catwoman, while the latter is in costume.

Sources: NBC News, Bleeding Cool

Barry Keoghan was hidden as Officer Merkel but in actuality was the Joker, who originally had another scene

The Joker is hidden in The Batman. Riddle us this: Where is Officer Merkel announced as the role Barry Keoghan had? Who is the unnamed Arkham prisoner he actually is playing? And is there credence to the rumor of a missing scene where Batman goes to the Joker for help?

Source: Cleveland.com

The Batman uses a Rorschach-esque narration, funny as the two characters have crossed over

Rorschach Journal Who watches the Watchmen? Probably The Batman director Matt Reeves, given the use of a Rorschach- esque narration in the film. Maybe it's foreshadowing for the inevitable Justice League versus Watchmen...

Source: Watchmen Wiki

Selina’s mysterious parentage comes from When in Rome, the Long Halloween tie-in

Catwoman is a Falcone. Selina Kyle's parentage has been a riddle for a while, but The Batman fully confirms she's Don Falcone's daughter. Man, both leads are trust fund babies? No wonder the Riddler's so endearing.

Source: Sportskeeda

Critically acclaimed comic series Gotham PD is coming

GOTHAM PD is coming to your screens. The Batman prequel will focus on Batman's badge-wearing associates during the Bat's first year in operation. The critically acclaimed comic features Renee Montoya (from Birds of Prey), Two-Face, and The Joker.

Source: Screen Rant

Martha Wayne, Bruce’s mother, is an Arkham

Martha's an Arkham? In the Earth-One series, Martha Wayne was originally an Arkham, and her family line is cursed. Which does include a young Bruce Wayne. REKUO SNEED

Source: DC Database

The Batman screenwriter made a Bat comic featuring a Batman imposter

Batman kills? Shortly after The Batman was announced, writer Mattson Tomlin, came out with his own Batseries - Batman: The Imposter, about the Bat chasing after a Batsuit-wearing killer.

Source: DC

Famous villain Hush is alluded to in The Batman, and inspired the Riddler’s design

Hush is here... sorta. The Riddler's costume, closeness to Wayne, and choice of victims are all taken from Thomas Elliot, Bruce's childhood friend turned murderous enemy, who in the comics was working for The Riddler.

Source: Screen Rant

Drowned Gotham comes from No Man’s Land and Year Zero

Flooded Gotham comes from a comic. The Gates of Gotham are blown wide-open! Joker's been trying to do it since forever, but only the Riddler's ever quite managed it. In the comics that lead to Zero Year, an apocalypse drowns Gotham (and Batman has a kick-ass bike.)

Source: DC Database

Batman and Catwoman marry and have a child.

Batman and Catwoman got hitched! Despite being on-again, off-again in most adaptations, the two got married in the comics, and they have a superhero daughter in the future. Sounds like a great third movie.

Source: DC

Bane’s adrenaline-esque Venom seems to be hinted at in The Batman

Is Bane coming? At one point in The Batman, Batman injects himself with a green liquid quite similar to Venom, the drug that gives Bane his super strength, and it even gives Batman an abnormal boost of adrenaline.

Source: Looper

Arkham Asylum is finally seen on-screen after being the crux of multiple stories

Arkham Asylum: A serious House A serious house on serious earth, where the best of friends are made. Intervillain friendships aren't the norm, but in Arkham, all things go - including the villains befriending each other. It happens in City of Bane, Mad Love, and now The Batman.

Source: Batman Fandom

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