15 Nutty Facts That Put Our Public School Education To Shame

Kale wasn’t even thought of as food until after 2012.
15 Nutty Facts That Put Our Public School Education To Shame

I have no time now for a lengthy account of the life of my friend; but as he was not in a condition to give me a very lucid one, it is best to tell the story of his origin. The following facts are all that we can gather of his early history, which, from what he tells us himself, must be regarded with caution. It seems, indeed, that he has been born under a bad sign; that his father died at the same instant that his mother did; that they were killed by a thunderbolt, while engaged in the act of making love to each other (this was in the days when such things happened).

He is not quite sure whether the event took place at midnight or at noon, though he does remember it distinctly. The very last thing he remembers before the nightmarish, life-defining event was a list of fifteen facts he'd glimpsed in a book that lay open nearby and, given the circumstances, every word of those facts etched itself indelibly into his brain. The list went:

A retired football player who was stranded in the ocean swam 16 hours to shore.

An ex-Miami Dolphins fullback swam 16 hours to shore after falling off his boat. Rob Konrad took his 30-foot boat out of Florida's East coast in 2015 for some fishing. As he was reeling in a fish, a wave knocked him overboard, and the boat took off in autopilot. When he got to shore, he was suffering from hypothermia, dehydration, and rhabdomyolysis. CRACKED.COM

Sports Casting 

A director just improvised the script that would become a Western classic.

The plot of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly was improvised during a meeting. The story of the film was improvised in a meeting between the Italian director and American movie executives. They asked him what film he had in mind, and in the span of a couple minutes, they quickly improvised the entire story. CRACKED.COM

History by Day 

Kale wasn’t even thought of as food until after 20

Pizza Hut was the largest purchaser of Kale before 2012, but it wasn't meant to be eaten. The Hut used kale as garnish for their salad bars. Many millennials recall a time when that weird, wavy lettuce that tastes like cardboard was packed around much more appetizing foods and not meant to be eaten at all. CRACKED.COM


A line of trees across Africa may help stop the desert from taking over.

There is a plan to plant trees to stop the Sahara Desert from spreading. The pyramids in Sudan that are left are at risk of disappearing due to shifting desert sands. There's a multi-billion dollar project to plant a line of trees across the entire African continent to create ground stability and stop the desert spread. CRACKED.COM

The Conversation 

A Harvard student called in a bomb threat because he was unprepared for a test.

A Harvard sophomore called in a bomb threat to get out of an exam. FFFFIFF In December 2013, Eldo Kim at Harvard University sent several bomb threats through the Tor network to cancel a political history exam he was unprepared for. Не succeeded, but was caught that same day. CRACKED.COM


Mobile games are Candy Crushing it.

Mobile gaming earns more than console and PC gaming, combined. Within the gaming industry, mobile gaming is responsible for over half of the $180 billion in yearly revenue. Console gaming comes in second with $50 billion, and PC lags behind at $36 billion. CRACKED.COM


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