12 Wordle Fun Facts (Even If We Couldn't Solve Today's Word)

We've never loved five-letter words so much.
12 Wordle Fun Facts (Even If We Couldn't Solve Today's Word)

If you don't know what Wordle is, I'm impressed you clicked on this link. The viral word game gives you six chances to guess a five-letter word, and its simplistic design is incredibly satisfying in a market of internet games trying to monetize and keep you clicking at every opportunity. We also love how it's a low-effort way to check in with friends and family daily. We're fans, and these following 12 facts only made us even more excited about the simple game…

Wordle gets 2 million users per day

WORDLE Facts 2 MILLION PEOPLE PLAY WORDLE EACH DAY Or at least that was the approximate count in January 2022. Surprisingly, more people send out scores in group messages than on Twitter. CRACKED.COM

Source: TechCrunch

Wardle's time at Reddit might have contributed to the simplicity of Wordle.

WORDLE Facts HIS TIME AT REDDIT TAUGHT HIM ABOUT DESIGN RESPONSIBILITY Wardle worked on the project Place for Reddit, saying, I think for me personally, it was like really useful to think about what responsibility you have when you create a space for people interact. You actually make a ton of decisions that impact the way that they interact with one another. CRACKED.COM

Source: TIME

His brother directed Three Identical Strangers

WORDLE Facts YOU MIGHT KNOW HIS BROTHER'S WORK Josh Wardle's brother Tim Wardle directed Three Identical Strangers, a fascinating documentary that had its own viral life. CRACKED.COM

Source: Tim Wardle

Wardle decided to give money to charity instead of pocketing it

WORDLE Facts A KNOCK-OFF APP SENDS ITS SALES TO CHARITY When Steve Cravotta's app took off, he offered the money to Josh Wardle. They both agreed that instead of taking the money, they would donate it to Boost! West Oakland, a tutoring nonprofit. CRACKED.COM

Source: TIME

PowerLanguage was an old username of Josh Wardle.

WORDLE Facts THE ORIGINAL DOMAIN WAS WARDLE'S OLD USERNAME Josh Wardle came up with the name for his domain powerlanguage.co.uk when he was in 16, and he misheard someone telling him to not use 'foul language' as 'power language.' CRACKED.COM

Source: TechCrunch

WORDLE Facts THE SHARE FEATURE WAS INSPIRED BY USERS Wardle noticed players sharing results without spoilers by using gray, green, and yellow square emojis so he added the automated share feature as a direct response. CRACKED.COM

It pulls from the New York Times' Spelling Bee word game

WORDLE Facts THE GAME WAS INSPIRED BY THE NYT'S SPELLING BEE The secret to its addictiveness? Only getting to play one word a day so you can't get sick of it. Wardle credits the New York Times' Spelling Bee as his inspiration behind the limit. CRACKED.COM

Source: New York Times

Want the board game version? Try Word Mastermind.

WORDLE Facts YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE WORD MASTERMIND If you want the board game form of Wordle, we suggest Word Mastermind. (You can also do it with a sheet of paper, handed back and forth between two players.) CRACKED.COM

Source: Board Game Geek


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