15 Ridiculously Humongous Movie Sets

15 Ridiculously Humongous Movie Sets

Some sets are just too big to believe. Hollywood is full of digital fakery in the 21st century, but even in these days of computer trickery, sometimes there's nothing that beats a big ole set. A massive thing made of wood and nails and tarp and magic and paint beats even the best computers on all the even number days. So here are some of the weirdest and best and biggest sets ever built – and in some cases, taken apart immediately., Or, in even rare cases, just abandoned where they sat for future generations to find. (Just like a neglectful parent or a very confused architect would.)

From the depths of a world made of water to the heights of an earth that just sit in the middle, here are some of the weirdest, biggest, bonkers humongous sets of your favorite movies. Or your least favorite ones, look, no one’s perfect.

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