15 Facts About Peter Pan

The man, the myth, the magical cult leader who abducts children.
15 Facts About Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one of the world's most enduring modern myths. The tale of a young boy, his band of burrowers living in a tree, and the pirates who try to kill them somehow has become as popular and ubiquitous as Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella. Their adventures with Wendy Darling and her brothers as they explore this odd fantasy land, come into conflict with the fairies, meet the racist caricatures, and get tempted with a life of piracy have been adapted countless times, and are known throughout the world. But what about Peter Pan himself? The man, the myth, the slightly abusive father figure to a bunch of runaway children he pseudo-abducts or finds after others have neglected him? What about him? 

Here are some facts, myths, and stories about the infant bird that became a magical cult leader and abducted children away to Neverland like some horrifying Pied Piper of London.

Dark Peter

CRACKED.COM Peter Pan Peter Pan is a darker character than you think. In his obsession with stealing children away to Neverland, Peter becomes an almost nightmarish creature, who constantly seduces mothers and then their own children, even as the mothers long to stay as young as he is.

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The Darling Children

Peter Pan The real Darling children were named Llewellyn Davies. J. M. Barrie got close to the kids, eventually adopting them. Rumors abound that, just like Peter, he stole the children from their nanny, though it's never been proven. CRACKED.COM

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Lost Boys

Peter Pan In addition to pirates, Peter also kills Lost Boys. Не does this in the books to thin out the herd (or because they're growing old). CRACKED.COM

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Tinker Bell

CRACKED.COM Peter Pan Tinker Bell is an actual tinkerer. That's where her name comes from.


CRACKED.COM Peter Pan some find J. M. Barrie's thing with children disquieting. Some people have suggested there was something sexual about his closeness to the kids he based Peter Pan on. It's only speculation, though.

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The Lost Boys

Peter Pan The Lost Boys is a retelling of Peter Pan. The film switched the fairy tale setting for grungy Santa Cruz, and pixie dust for blood. But it kept the pseudo-creepy, immortal trickster bit. CRACKED.COM
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