There are plenty of things in the world that only get better as they age: Good whiskies, wines, certain cheeses, and the movie ‘The Fugitive'. Unfortunately, this is not a universal truth for all things… There are too many examples of things we loved once upon a time that are all but ruined in the harsh light of modern times. Sometimes it's as simple as being associated with someone awful (Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, Mel Gibson, you get the picture)… But sometimes the whole thing is so bad you're left wondering if you were a little dumb for liking it in the first place. Have you tried playing Mortal Kombat lately? We had Street Fighter 2: Turbo Edition this whole time, did we really like that stiff-controlling mess just because of all the blood? I mean, sure, it was rad, but the point still stands. Here are some of the worst examples of things we loved once upon a time, but now think aged about as well as a glass of milk.

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