14 Movies And Shows That Make You Go 'Not Cool' Now

14 Movies And Shows That Make You Go 'Not Cool' Now

The internet has a way of making information far more free-flowing and accessible. Remember the Dewey Decimal system? Congrats on your Library Sciences Masters Degree. For the rest of us, there's the internet. And personally, we'd rather you hit up Cracked dot Com instead of Cracked The Magazine. You know the one that existed before your grandpa was making dick jokes in typeset print.

All that free flowing of information has brought some unpleasant behavior to light, particularly from Hollywood stars. And sure, it's not like we ever thought these people who lie for a living were saints, but some of them telegraphed bad behavior in their movies and TV shows. It's one (bad) thing to be a nice guy on screen and a creep offscreen, it's quite another to portray the exact kind of creep you are onscreen and then be somewhere worse in real life.

One strange side-effect of all the emerging stories from Hollywood is the creepy undertones certain movies and shows now have.

Things like ...

Entry by Kevin King

In the Louie episode Come On, God, Louis C.K debates a woman about masturbation. The scene ends with him telling her, Later I'm going to masturbate
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