A snow day or a mist day or a world where the sky has cracked open and the yolk of existence is bleeding out… A good day to close your eyes and listen to the ash or mist or snow fall against the window pane, and maybe put on a movie to distract from the shhhhrhrrrrhhrrring sound from outside, that keeps sliding up and along your garage door. 

When you can’t go to out because the world’s been enveloped in a Game Loading screen and there’s nothing else left for you to read, put these movies on and try to forget how you fell into the Twilight Zone and nothing will ever be the same. As the doors around you stand closed against the No One who is coming, as No One walks outside, and you sit alone, here is a nice way to pass the time until No One comes home to find you sitting there, waiting.

The Lighthouse

Movies for a snow day The Lighthouse The madness of being alone (and being so hot you've been in multiple big budget film franchises, and people still remember you for the weirder roles). CRACKED.COM

The Thing

Movies for a snow day The Thing Winter weather brings friends together in this warm-blooded film about found families and new homes. CRACKED.COM

An American Werewolf in London

Movies for a snow day An American Werewolf in London Visiting a strange land? It pays to stick to the roads and not wander off. CRACKED.COM

The Others

Movies for a snow day The Others This haunted film about a woman and her light-sensitive children is great, as long as you don't feel the need to sleep... and don't mind jumping at every sound. CRACKED.COM

The Mist

Movies for a snow day The Mist Something must be out there, in the mist. Houses. Bushes. People. Dogs. Cats. Or maybe something else... Evangelists! CRACKED.COM

The Fellowship of the Ring

Movies for a snow day The Fellowship of the Ring The mist at the window smells the same as Rivendell, so just take a break there instead. CRACKED.COM

The Fog

Movies for a snow day The Fog Pirates + fog = a good movie for a dour day. CRACKED.COM

Silent Hill

Movies for a snow day Silent Hill A town in the fog that punishes you for your sins. Where did you wake up? CRACKED.COM

The Woman in Black

Movies for a snow day The Woman in Black Be careful about what's already in the house with you. CRACKED.COM

Silent Hill: Revelation

Movies for a snow day Silent Hill: Revelation A town in blood and fog that punishes indiscriminately, to bring about the birth of a God. CRACKED.COM

The Hound of the Barkervilles

Movies for a snow day The Hound of the Baskervilles There's something on the moor... a beast in the fog. Sherlock Holmes spookiest story is a good candidate for when the trees can't be seen through the fog. CRACKED.COM

Crimson Peak

Movies for a snow day Crimson Peak Trapped inside, quarantine vibes, in the snow with a man you still don't know. A good movie with an awful vibe. CRACKED.COM


Movies for a snow day Cthulhu This horror drama about being gay in a small town is unsettlingly well suited for a day locked in. CRACKED.COM


Movies for a snow day Antichrist The mist of creation. The evil at birth. Willem Dafoe's smaller stunt dick. Lars von Trier's masterpiece. CRACKED.COM

Devil's Pass

Movies for a snow day Devil's Pass Don't venture out into the frost, and don't let the frost venture in. This story, based on the he Dyatlov Pass incident, is a good reason to avoid the cold. CRACKED.COM

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