31 Smart Folks Who Are Kind of Dumb in Specific Ways

Being smart doesn’t make you NOT DUMB
31 Smart Folks Who Are Kind of Dumb in Specific Ways

How do you measure someone's intelligence? Is it their education and the degrees that theyve earned? Is it their accomplishments in their field — especially relating to medicine and science? Do they lose any points by saying or thinking something massively stupid? Bill Gates, for example, thought that SPAM would be a thing of the past by now. The guy considered the father of quantum mechanics couldn't explain how a battery works. Elon Musk has earnestly proposed that we nuke Mars in an attempt to warm it up faster — and tanked Twitter quicker than anyone could have ever imagined. And thats not even getting into the names of his children. 

So, the next time youre feeling like youll never be as smart as some of the great minds of history, just remember: Many of those great minds are plenty dumb in their own unique ways, too…

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