17 Geniuses Who Are Surprisingly Stupid (In One, Glaring Way)

There’s nothing as hilariously dumb as a smart person.
17 Geniuses Who Are Surprisingly Stupid (In One, Glaring Way)

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We tend to think of geniuses as being universally smart at everything. Which is illogical, because nobody can be brilliant at every single thing. In fact, there are entire subjects where famous geniuses are (or were) complete dummies.

For example ...

CRACKED COM Werner Heisenberg, father of quantum mechanics, nearly failed his PHD thesis defense because he couldn't explain how a battery worked.
Jane Austen may have been a good writer, but she was really bad at, um... writing. When literature expert Kathryn Sutherland examined her handwritten
Believe it or not, Socrates had a marked distrust of writing, fearing it would cause forgetfulness and only a semblance of wisdom. According to him,
Patron saint of science nerds NTKOLA TESLA thought eugenics would be the wave of the future. In a 1935 magazine article Tesla wrote: The year 2100 wi
After electric lights were installed in the White House for the first time, President Benjamin Harrison afraid of was getting shocked by the light swi
Kevin O'Leary has a great nose for business. Luckily for him, general knowledge isn't a category for investments. CMOOOMH $12,800 $2,800 AAKON KEVIN C
Famous chemist, two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, had an optimistic idea that vitamin C cures terminal cancer. Pauling promoted vitaminc as a cur
Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov promotes a controversial version of world history called the New Chronology, according to which... CRACKE
CRACKED COM Bill Maher has a Cornell University degree in English and History. He's also an anti-vaxxer and germ theory denialist. When Robert Kennedy
General Patton was a genius when it came to war but dumb in his belief that shell shock wasn't a legitimate condition. He was even reprimanded for sla
Elon Musk has plenty of genius ideas ...but nuking Mars isn't one of them In 2015 Musk proposed that we should nuke Mars to make it warm up faster. Nu
Mark Twain kept making risky business investments, even after they ruined him over and over. He said his nature was to speculate in something. CRACK
Henry Ford couldn't read blueprints. He built machines by hand, without a design. CRACKED.COM
Famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell was weak at math because he found it boring and saw no point in studying it.
ARISTOTLE BELIEVED WOMEN HAD LESS TEETH THAN MEN. He was married twice, but it never occurred to him to check that fact by himself by simply asking ei
Beethoven was SO bad at math, he couldn't track his spending and income. He left school early, and never learned how to multiply and divide. CRACKED.C


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