Then vs. Now: 16 Ways Kirby and his World Have Changed

The omnivorous pink puffball just won't stay still.
Then vs. Now: 16 Ways Kirby and his World Have Changed

Kirby is a little puffball that has no logic or reason, and is the most powerful thing in the entire galaxy. (His villains deserve sympathy more than anything.) And he has a new game out, so let's take a look back at how far we've come -- from the Gameboy days of sepia to the nowadays of a Switch with a two-hour battery that cuts off right as you get to the first boss fight -- Kirby's changed... well, not that much.

His original creation was as a placeholder character for what would become Kirby. The creator wanted him pink; Shigeru Miyamoto, who made Mario and therefore you have to listen to, wanted him yellow; the American marketing team decided white for some reason -- but eventually he landed as the cotton candy-shaped blob of all-devouring hunger that he is today – even devouring other IPs. He's never gotten darker or edgier, never carried a gun or made out with a human woman… Through it all, like God, Kirby just Is.

Kirby (The Game)

KIRBY The Game Kirby's Dream Land 1992, Game Boy KIRBT ©Xn4 Kirby and the Forgotten Land 2022, Switch It took 30 years, but Kirby finally moved into 3D in this Breath of the Wild-esque adventure, where you can eat almost everything. CRACKED.COM

Source: Kotaku

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