Nintendo Direct Announced An Avalanche Of Rad Remasters

Nintendo Direct Announced An Avalanche Of Rad Remasters

Whenever Nintendo teases a new Nintendo Direct event, millions of fans fill themselves with hype before deflating on the floor Sonic-style because Nintendo always succeeds in failing at presentations. Most Nintendo Direct events suck in such a blatant way that they become fascinating to discuss. Oh, you want someone who's not a swordsman on Super Smash Bros.? Fine, you can now play as a plant! I was honestly expecting a bland mess, but what I got was a myriad of promising stuff that I'm not even sure my body is ready for.

While Nintendo did announce some new-ish stuff, like a new Xenoblade Chronicles and seemingly randomly generated Mario and Kirby games where you get to play soccer or be a car respectively, the star of the show was an avalanche of classic remasters that are sure to please a lot of die-hard fans.

Leading the pack is Chrono Cross with Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers. Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger that got absolute critical acclaim upon release ...

Square Enix

The upscaling looks gorgeous, too.

… then was forgotten, probably because it featured neither “Final” nor “Fantasy” in the title. Or maybe it's because killed off all the beloved characters from Chrono Trigger when nobody was watching. Who knows. Maybe they'll make up for that with Radical Dreamers, a text-based Chrono Trigger side story never before released on a big console. 

Square Enix

The only thing the remaster needs is a change in that character's name, really.

There's also the remaster of the forgotten classic (get used to the trend) Klonoa, the gorgeous sidescroller where you play as a rabbit who seems to get the power of flight from having imprisoned Pac-Man on his hat.

Bandai Namco

We're also getting the re-release of Earthbound, a title that's equal parts masterpiece and source of wacky cracked-worthy material. Please buy this one so that maybe they'll finally release its sequel in the west.

There's also a new game where you use portals, or maybe where you play as a portal. Details are scarce right now; the only thing we can confirm is that there will be cake:

This one will probably be just okay.

While I'm usually all about wanting new things (though I'd also settle for some new Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 gameplay), kudos to Nintendo for at least bombarding players with some of the most promising remasters they could have asked for.

Top Image: Square Enix


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