15 Facts about What's New on HBO Max

15 Facts about What's New on HBO Max

There’s a bunch of new stuff dropping on HBO Max this month, from old classics we have had some trouble finding on other services (and no, we’re not paying for it like some old-money socialite) to some fancy new premieres -- so here’s a runthrough of some of the weirdest, and most fun and most unique stuff… along with some facts we bet you might not have known about them. And if you did, congrats, you get one silver star. Five silver stars gets one gold star. Eight gold stars gets a two second handshake. After twelve handshakes, you qualify for a platinum certification. Once certified platinum seven times, bam! you’re in first class. And after a few years in first class, you can trade that first class status for a hug! But not from us. We have a thing about hugging people. Your mom will probably hug you. Yeah, hug your mom.

One Tree Hill

March on HBOMAX March 1 one Tree Hill The basketball gym used during the high school seasons was the same one that Michael Jordan played in during his high school years. CRACKED.COM

Source: ESPN

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

March on HBOMAX March 6 winning Time The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty Во Burnham was originally cast as Boston Celtics' legend Larry Bird, but had to drop due to scheduling issues. CRACKED.COM

Source: Variety

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