Sometimes, to make a movie look good, you need to climb behind a computer and… paint? Copy and paste pictures of trees over and over? Do something horrible. Respect the craft even if you don’t know every part of the job of making movies; because the people who make them do their best to turn horrible nightmares into things that look even a bit normal. 

Yes, it turns out that despite Hollywood being the place famous for the rich and sexy, movie sets aren’t the hottest places to work nowadays, looking more like a LARPer convention than a place for our most beautiful people. There’s millionaires with a thousand dots stuck to their forehead wielding glow-in-the-dark props while getting make-up done for six hours. And it all gets saved, thanks to… well, a bunch of people who don’t make millions of dollars or become famous for having a kissable face -- and hey, let’s cut their segments of the Oscars while we’re at it. Here’s to everyone who makes movies even a slight bit enjoyable. 

Stagecraft on The Mandalorian

CRACKED.COM Behind the scenes The Mandalorian ILM's Stagecraft features LED screens surrounding the cast- with the filmmakers having the ability to digitally alter the background in real-time.

Source: Engadget


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