15 Facts About Food, Sports, And The Importance of Spell Check

15 Facts About Food, Sports, And The Importance of Spell Check

Sometimes all it takes is a single sentence to spark a lifelong addiction. We all know this feeling – you just read something amazing and it hits your funny bone and your brain explodes with ideas, you feel like you could make the funniest thing ever in less time than it takes for the sun to burn out. It is this feeling that fuels the creative process.

But when the creative spark isn't happening, how do you keep yourself productive? How do you get past writer's block, or procrastination, or just getting through the day-to-day monotony of life? If we were to tell you that the secret to getting through the day and becoming an overnight success was a daily dose of facts, would you believe us?

This is something that will change your outlook on life, your ability to cope with daily struggles, your perspective, and ultimately make you better than anyone else on the planet.

A wedding ring goes right on the Vein of Love.

Wedding rings are worn on the left hand ring finger because of the Vein of Love. CRACKED.COM A tradition derived from the Romans states that the 'Vena Amoris,' or the 'Vein of Love,' in the ring finger is directly connected to the heart.

Source: Visible Body 

Libraries outnumber McDonald’s in the U.S.

There are more public libraries than McDonald's in the United States. CRACKED.COM Although they aren't as prominently advertised, in 2014 there were 16,766 public libraries found in all 50 states, compared to 14,157 McDonald's restaurants.

Source: USC News

Broccoli is a vegetable and a flower.

Broccoli is the only vegetable that is also a flower. CRACKED.COM The stalk of broccoli is the stem of the flower, and all of the small green nubs are actually unopened flower buds.

Source: Britannica

Ford laughs at your attempts to end his life.

President Ford survived two assassination attempts in the same month. CRACKED COM On Sept. 5, 1975, a follower of Charles Manson fired a pistol at the president in a crowd in Sacramento. On Sept. 22, Sara Jane Moore pulled a revolver on Ford in San Francisco.

Source: History 

When it was time to make a symbol for a strikeout, ‘S’ was taken.

'K' was chosen to stand for a strikeout in baseball because 'S' was taken. NEW YORK GRACKED.COM Henry Chadwick decided that the letter 'S' would be used in baseball as the symbol for 'sacrifice', which is when a player bunts the ball to let his teammates advance around the bases while he gets knocked out.

Source: Britannica 

A chef’s hat is like the chain of a Game of Thrones maester.

The 100 folds in a chef's hat represent 100 ways to cook an egg. CRACKED.COM In the past, the pleats of a chef's hat used to actually represent a chef's level of experience, such as the number of ways they knew how to prepare eggs.

Source: Mental Floss 

One plant is responsible for a lot of different tea leaves.

Both green and black tea come from leaves of the same tree. GRAGKED.COM White tea and oolong tea can also come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis-it all depends on when and how the leaves are picked in the life cycle of the plant.

Source: NC State University 

Phelps wins enough gold medals to outcast most countries.

Michael Phelps has more gold medals than 66 countries. CRACKED.COM Phelps has won 23 gold medals through the years, which would put him at 38th in the world for most gold medals. The country with the most Olympic medals is the United States, with 1022.

Source: Time 

A beer recipe from Mesopotamia survived 3,900 years.

An almost 4,000-year-old poem contains a Mesopotamian beer recipe. VIXNU Colone will SESSION CITRA KOC ORANIA Comics CRACKED COM The 3,900-year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, describes the production of beer from barley via bread.

Source: World History 

The Stanly Cup is wrife with mispellings.

The Stanley Cup is covered in misspelled names. CRACKED.COM Every player on every team that has ever won is engraved on the Stanley Cup, resulting in a lot of misspellings. Jacques Plante won the Stanley Cup 5 times, and each time his name is spelled differently.

Source: NHL 

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