15 Revelations About This Screwy World

15 Revelations About This Screwy World

The world we live in is utterly strange. There are plenty of things to argue about: global warming, evolution, the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, and of course, whether the United States of America exists on flat Earth. But when you look back on the history of the planet, it seems as though we should just agree to disagree and move on to the next thing. It saves some time, anyway.

But, all that said, we can at least agree on the truth of cold, hard facts, and here are 15 of them. Some you might have already known, while others are so obscure that most people don't know about them at all. You can use them to start a conversation over lunch, or even use them to impress your friends and family. Either way, these tidbits are sure to keep you entertained until Cthulhu awakens from his slumber. Enjoy!

Ice, vapor, and liquid water can exist at once.

Water can exist in all three stages of matter simultaneously. CRACKED.COM When its temperature reaches 32.018 F and it faces a pressure of 611.657 pascals, water enters Triple Point, where its liquid, gas, and solid forms are in perfect equilibrium.

Source: PhysLink

Gobblers are all male.

Only male turkeys gobble. GRACKED.COM Male turkeys, appropriately called gobblers, use the sound to attract females during mating season, which chirp and click instead of making the characteristic call.

Source: NBC News 

German cake is not actually German.

German chocolate cake is named after an American. CRACKED.COM Sam German, an American man living in 1852, invented a style of sweet baking chocolate for the company he worked for, Baker's Chocolate Company.

SSource: NPR 

Philip of Burgundy got to cuddle his wife even after he died.

The wife of the late Philip of Burgundy carried around his coffin everywhere. CRACKED.COM Philip's wife Joanna refused to let go of her husband's corpse, ordering it exhumed, and bringing his coffin with her everywhere, even her bed.

SSource: Esquire

Women are real picky on Tinder.

Women spend more time on Tinder than men, but swipe right less. CRACKED.COM Even though men outnumber women on the app, women spend more time swiping. When they do swipe right, it's only 14% of the time.

Source: Time 

YouTube never thought a video would get as popular as “Gangnam Style.”

Gangnam Style was so popular, it broke the YouTube view counter. CRACKED.COM The counter previously only went up to 32 integers because YouTube didn't think a video could ever reach beyond that many views.

Source: BBC 

The world’s most unlucky parents had it rough.

A child woke up at his own funeral. on CRACKED.COM At the funeral of a two-year-old in Brazil, the boy sat up and asked for water. Just as suddenly, he slipped back into unconsciousness and could not be revived.

Source: Daily Mail

“Muppeteer” is not the preferred nomenclature.

Jim Henson hated when people called his puppeteers Muppeteers. CRACKED.COM Henson preferred the term Muppet performers. Frank Oz described the term Muppeteers as making the actors sound like little elves.

Source: Muppet Wiki

More relationships are starting online than ever.

Almost half of relationships (in America) begin online. CRACKED.COM 40 percent of people say that their relationship began online in one form or another, whether that be dating apps like Tinder, or social media like Facebook.

Source: Pew

The Queen technically has her own McDonald’s.

The Queen of England owns a McDonald's. CRACKED.COM Located in Oxfordshire, the McDonald's sits on Crown Land, technically making it Elizabeth's. No word on whether the ice cream machine is broken.

Source: Today 

The Komodo Dragon was thought to be just a rumor.

Until 1910, the Komodo Dragon was considered a cryptid. CRACKED.COM Dutch Colonial officer Lt. Steyn van Hensbroek took an expedition to Komodo Island to find the mythical beast, killing one that was six feet long.

Source: PBS

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