Jokes? In media? Been there, done that. We've all seen a movie or TV show with jokes in it before. Remember when Griswold family arrived at their destination to see that it was closed in Vacation? Or when Clark Griswold did the thing with the lights in Christmas Vacation? Or when Randy Quaid steals a bunch of food from the casino buffet in Vegas Vacation? The Vacation movies have lots of good jokes, everyone… But that's not what we're interested in today. We're putting on our fedora and grabbing a whip like Clark Griswold in the elaborate Indiana Jones-parodying ‘Vacation’ movie of our dreams to find the HIDDEN jokes in some of our favorite movies and TV shows. Whether it's hidden adult humor, some actually clever world play and double meanings, or a subtle reference to another work-- We're going to FIND those jokes and put them where they BELONG… In a ‘Vacation’ sequel set in a museum! 

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