'Jack Frost' And 14 Other Big Budget Comedies That Bombed

Movies so bad that they only cost millions of dollars.
'Jack Frost' And 14 Other Big Budget Comedies That Bombed

It's worth mentioning that Hollywood companies are infamous for guarding their money, and the production cost is only one factor to be considered. Marketing budgets can occasionally outstrip production budgets. Furthermore, studios only keep around half of what has been made in cinemas in the United States and considerably less in overseas markets. Furthermore, contract clauses may protect theaters from bombs, resulting in a greater theatre cut for films that fail at the box office.

A big budget can make your action film more entertaining, but it won't make your comedy funny. These submissions demonstrate that while money can increase the aesthetic and star power of a picture, money cannot buy laughs.

At the box office, some films take off and fly. Others can be drawn into the ocean of notoriety like a creature out of water. This collection is dedicated to those as well films that have sunk an obscene amount into their expenditures and were still panned by audiences and critics.

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