Are you on the outskirts of a conversation and you need something to talk about, STAT? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a fact for you: an Italian tourist was thrown in jail for stealing a teddy bear for his girlfriend. Got another one, fresh outta the oven: there was a real life Batman, he lived in Australia, and he captured a notorious cannibal outlaw. Speaking of Batman, his first film was unvarnished World War II propaganda – that’s a fact! While we’re still on the subject, one of his latest films was, according to its own writer, proof that “this franchise is on its last gasp. In non-Batman news, Alexander Graham Bell cobbled together a metal detector in an attempt to save the life of a President of the United States (it… did not work). Hey, what do you know, another fact! Before we let you go on to harvest all the juicy details, just know this: Bob Hope once sparked an armed military uprising. Okay, enjoy!

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