15 Nuggets of Knowledge To Keep In Your Back Pocket

Jerry Springer can never be president.
15 Nuggets of Knowledge To Keep In Your Back Pocket

Take it from us: don't eat the plants in Alnwick Castle. The boundaries of the onsite garden are kept behind black iron gates - for good reason. Then again, folks in London once thought they could avoid illness by harnessing the power of farts, so, maybe we should take safety advice out of the UK with a grain of salt. While we’re in London, we should mention that a certain bombastic television host was born in a tube-station-turned-bomb-shelter. 

Over in Sweden, though, they seem to have their act together – they’ve figured out how to convert an astounding amount of their garbage into energy. Elsewhere in the world, things have gotten a little unhinged. We’re talking about government-funded sex resorts, and forests full of trees growing in what is irrefutably the wrong direction. Let’s round out our world trivia tour with a riddle: what’s the one letter that doesn’t make an appearance in a single US state?

Andrew Jackson's parrot learned curse words from its owner.

Andrew Jackson's parrot was kicked out of his funeral for swearing. CRACKED.COM The parrot, Poll, learned the profane language from Jackson, who was an exceptionally volatile individual who often disregarded formality.

Source: Washington Post

No U.S. state name contains the letter Q.

Q is the only letter that does not appear in any U.S. state name. New Hampshire Washington Vermont Massachusetts Maine Montana North Dakota Minnesota Oregon Wisconsin Idaho South Dakota New York Michigan Wyoming Rhode Pennsylvania lowa Conne Nebraska Nevada Ohio New J Utah Illinois Indiana Colorado Dela Kansas Missouri California Virginia Mar Kentucky District of C North Carolina West Vi Tennessee Oklahoma Arizona Arkansas South New Mexico Carolina US Virgin Alabama CRACKED.COM Georgia J and Z appear once (New Jersey and Arizona), В twice (Alabama and Nebraska), and California and Florida are the only states containing 'F'

Source: Yahoo Finance

Brunch was proposed as a Sunday morning hangover cure.

Modern brunch was first proposed as a post-hangover meal. CRACKED.COM Guy Beringer, an English writer, first proposed the idea for the mixed meal in his 1895 essay Brunch: A Plea, defending those nursing their Sunday morning hangovers.

Source: Business Insider

People used jarred farts to combat the plague.

Londoners in the 1600s used fart jars to combat the plague. CRACKED.COM Londoners were advised to keep jars consisting of trapped fart odors, the idea was that the potent smell would somehow purify the air.

Source: BBC

Female sharks can store sperm to use years afer mating.

Some female sharks can store sperm for years after mating CRACKED.COM Biologists found a female bamboo shark dropping an egg case after 4 years isolated from males.

Source: Science Daily

ZZ Top is known for their beards, except for the guy named Beard.

The only member of zz Top without a beard is named Beard. يطلنا GRACKED.COM Frank Beard, the drummer for ZZ Top, prefers to remain clean shaven, as opposed to guitarists Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, who sport the iconic look.

Source: Yahoo

Sweden is very efficient with their trash.

Less than one percent of Sweden's garbage ends up in a landfill. GRACKED.COM Despite producing about the same amount of waste per year as other Europeans, Sweden's waste-to-energy plants make good use of their refuse.

Source: NY Times

Polaroid issued a statement in response to "Hey Ya."

Polaroid had to issue a statement in response to OutKast. OneStep Plus POLAROID LAND CAMERA GRACKED.COM After OutKast sang Shake it like a Polaroid picture, Polaroid released this statement: Shaking or waving can actually damage the image

Source: CNN

Hedonism II was built by the Jamaican government.

Jamaica's premier sex-resort was built by the government. GRAGKED.COM Although it is now in private hands, the clothing-optional resort Hedonism II, with its Kama Sutra Palace and Romping Shop Playroom, was originally built by the government of Jamaica.

Source: Sun Sentinel

The Crooked Forest grows crooked trees.

Pine trees grow at right angles in a forest in Poland. CRACKED COM The appropriately named Crooked Forest in Poland is home to hundreds of pine trees curved at a 90° angle.

Source: Discovery

Jerry Springer was born in a converted tube station.

Jerry Springer was born in a London tube station. CRACKED.COM Daytime TVs controversial host was born during World War II in Highgate tube station when it was used as a bomb shelter.

Source: BBC

Alnwick Castle grows poison plants in cages.

Plants at a castle in England are so deadly, they're grown in cages. GRACKED COM The Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle was created in 2005 when Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, wanted to show people the scariest plants around.

Source: NPR

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