15 Facts To Collect Like Infinity Stones

15 Facts To Collect Like Infinity Stones

How many knuckles do you have? You’re gonna wish you had at least 5 more, because we’ve got several handfuls of facts comin’ your way. 

Oreo is lying right to our faces, rap battles have been around longer than you probably think, NASA owns a building so large, rain clouds naturally form on the inside of it, and doctors have clocked some oddly convincing evidence in regards to the whole life-flashing-before-your-eyes thing. You’re also about to learn about the unexpected location of lobsters’ pee nozzles, the surprising respiratory side effect of giraffe’s huge necks, the horse-centric Olympic winter sport that didn’t last very long, and absolutely dismal conditions of the first Olympic basketball game. Then of course there’s the surprising funeral proposed by the son of a Titanic victim, why Japan is giving away space dirt, the bizarre, hyper-local consequences of the outcome of the Super Bowl, and the incredible teamwork displayed by magpies. 

Wield this power responsibly, dear reader.

Rap battles have a longer history than you think.

Rap battles go back to 5th century England. BE CRACKED COM The exchange of witty and insulting verses is called flyting, and it was popular in England and Scotland in the 5th to 16th century.

Source: Telegraph

Gone With The Wind is the highest grossing movie of all time.

Gone With The Wind earned $1.8 billion, when adjusted for inflation. CRACKED.COM Since its release in 1940, the movie has gone on to be the highest-grossing of all time with 201 million tickets sold. 27%

Source: CNBC

It rains inside the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building.

The NASA Vehicle Assembly Building in Florida has its own indoor weather system. NASA GRACKED.COM At 526 feet, it is the tallest single-story building in the world. The building interior volume is so massive that rain clouds form below the ceiling on humid days.

Source: Atlas Obscura 

The first PG-13 movie ever was Red Dawn.

Red Dawn was the first movie to be released with a PG-13 x rating. STA CRACKED.COM Released on August 10, 1984, the movie came out just after the MPAA created the new rating category the previous month. 27%

Source: History

Giraffes have the highest blood pressure thanks to their height.

Giraffes have the highest blood pressure of any B mammal. CRACKED.COM Since a giraffe's head sits 20 feet above the ground, the heart has to pump extremely hard, giving the animal a BP of 220/180.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

"Ski driving" used to be an Olympic sport.

The Olympic event of getting towed by a horse on a frozen lake only lasted one year. CRACKED COM Skijorning, or ski driving, debuted in 1928 at the Winter Games in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Competitors from Italy and Switzerland hung on to their reigns as they were dragged on skis by riderless horses.

Source: History

They wanted to explode the corpses out of the Titanic.

Someone wanted to blow a hole in the submerged Titanic so the bodies would float up. GRAGKED.COM Shortly after the Titanic sank, the son of John Jacob Astor IV, who went down with the ship, proposed 400 pounds of gum cotton should be dropped into the wreckage, with the resulting explosion hopefully freeing the bodies of those that perished that night.

Source: MentalFloss

The first basketball game at the Olympics didn't have it's own court.

The first Olympic basketball game was played outdoors on a sandy tennis court. CRACKED.COM When basketball debuted at the Olympic games in 1936 in Berlin, the Canadian and American teams had trouble dribbling on the clay and sand court, and the coinciding thunderstorm didn't help.

Source: MentalFloss

Car accidents rise after the Superbowl.

Car accidents after the Superbowl rise in the home state of the losing team. e 97 CRACKED COM In the hours after the Superbowl, car accidents rise by 41%, surging to 68% in the state of the losing team. The winning teams' state sees only a 6% rise.

Source: CBS News 

There is asteroid debris up for grabs.

Japan is giving away samples collected from an asteroid. x CRACKED.COM The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science in Japan is accepting proposals for the opportunity to get your hands on real space dirt, straight from the Ryugu asteroid.

Source: JAXA

There is a day for ditching your New Years resolutions.

January 17th is celebrated as Ditch New Year's Resolution x Day. LIST .. TA GAGANILL SINE CRACKED.COM - A third of people fail their resolutions the first month of the new year, and only 10% actually make it to the end of the year, so mid-January was the perfect time to set a day.

Source: National Today

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