6 Good Things Done By Evil People (And 6 Evil Things From Good People)

6 Good Things Done By Evil People (And 6 Evil Things From Good People)

There have been a few truly nasty people throughout history, such as Hitler, and Ted Bundy, the creator of The Noid, but it doesn't indicate that those horrid people ever did something nice.

But it's impossible to be a nasty person all your life when you're human. Almost everyone is born with a sense of morality and a desire to experience some joy. And, because it's impossible to be happy when everybody else is suffering, even bad individuals wind up doing a little good in their life even if it’s only by accident.

Let us consider the most heinous characters in history, who caused much sorrow in the world but also, even if just for a brief moment in time, did some good things.

Even a smidgeon of new information about a person might dramatically alter your perspective of them. Even if you knew Hitler detested smoking and Gandhi was a philanderer, you might not change your mind about them being absolutely terrifying or totally sympathetic. Here are some of the nasty (and good) guys who did things that many people thought were out of character.

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