Life hacks – a staple of every internet list, and with all of our lovely lists, we have to of course feature some from time to time. Will all of these life hacks radically change your life? Probably not! But they may spice up another run through of The Legend of Zelda, and isn't that worth something? From small conveniences in apps to wholly alternative ways to play old favorite games, there’s lots of small, seemingly inconsequential things to spice up and smooth out the contours and rough edges of daily life. Is Battleship too slow? Barrage! Does your laptop make lots of noise because you’re keeping a thousand absolutely essential tabs on it open all the time? Grab some spoons and prop that bad boy up to maximize that airflow. And also, a reminder about incognito mode for YouTube – don’t want those precious suggestions to get all messed up because you watched one weird video.

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