23 Ingenious Remedies For Everyday Annoyances

Look out. Your life is about to get a lot less annoying.
23 Ingenious Remedies For Everyday Annoyances

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The modern world is full of great innovations, which is great. But the downside is, each of those brand-new technologies comes loaded with brand-new annoyances. So we lit up the lifehack signal and asked our readers for their best workarounds for dealing with the irritating things that surround us on a day-to-day basis.

Special thanks to Gareth, for reminding us that there's always a workaround.

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CRAOL Love sharing earbuds with your best buds? But not being able to hear all the instruments annoys you to no end? In your phone setting, go to Acce
End up with too many unpopped kernels? D P A N 0 T C Place them in a bowo with a plate on top and pop them in the MICROWAVE CRACKED COM
Don't like having to sign in to watch age restricted YouTube videos? Add nsfw' before youtube in the URL link. Deadpool2 Teaser Trailer X httpsllw
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NDAOT Hate having to scroll through your browser history after accidentally closing a tab? straight outta Eyse comobon https: instantaiont the 18je-UT
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ORAGKED Put a few drops F of superglue on one side of a USB plug and let it solidify. When you have to plug it in, your thumb will tell you which way
CRACKEDOON A I a broken/ old earbud has a colorful tip, you can sWaP it to a new one to make it easier to tell whichis right and which is left. (Moste
HAVING ISSUES WHILE USING FACEBOOK ON YOUR SMARTPHONE?. JUST SHAKE IT! CRAU Q Search Home Posts Videos Photos About Comr Cracked.com C 57 mins When li
Trying to take a picture that your arm isn't long enough to capture perfectly? Plug in your Apple earphones, put your iPhone down (in the angle you'd
Feeling skeptical about signing up for free trials with your credit card? GIFT CARD DEBIT VALIDS THERL GIFT CARD RECIPIENT VISA VALID ONLY IN THE UNIT
Control chaotic cords with claw type hair clips. The clips are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and sizes. CRACKEIDGON
Set your phone to airplane mode and you won't have to worry about annoying ads getting in UE the way of game play. CRACKED COM
CRACKED.OON When watching YouTube on your phone, double-tap on the left side of the video for a 10-second rewind, or the right side for a 10-second fa
Have an important presentation but forgot your laser pointer at home? Don't panic. Just open your MS PowerPoint presentation in Slide Show view, and p
Youtube Tap here C Turn on Incognito mode in the YouTube app if you want to watch a video without it messing up your recommendations. Switch account T
CRACKED COM Is your laptop fan constantly running because you have at least 40 browser tabs open? Prop it up with some spoons. It will let the air flo
CRACKEDcO Before going to sleep, turn the brightness of your phone to its max. The bright light will help you wake up when you try to snooze your alar
CRACKEDOON Looking up tech support online? SOLVED: How to fix my phone it won't turn on Blu Studio HD 6.0.. https Iwww. ifixit tcom/Answers/view. 2 an
23 Ingenious Remedies For Everyday Annoyances
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