33 Weird News Stories We Missed

Who are we to judge if people are sexually attracted to M&Ms?
33 Weird News Stories We Missed

Weird stuff is happening all over the world, all the dang time. Maybe even right now

In Berlin, someone is eating their bus ticket, and no one’s giving them a funny look. In the U.K., members of the royal family are probably debating their genetics; specifically, how it’s affected their sweat glands. Many French motorists are safely, happily driving around in cars that would have otherwise been burned — thanks to the pandemic, for some reason. A woman in Ontario is celebrating an impressive legal win that stems from a candy bar. One woman in South Dakota may currently be in prison after faking a kidnapping to escape her husband. Meanwhile, an Italian man tried to escape his spouse by attempting to get into prison. 

All that and more below…

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