No one ever said this life or this universe was predictable. Honestly, we're grateful for it when we consider the alternative. What if reality was a completely mechanical, utterly predictable affair. No thanks. 

We wanted to explore a dozen examples of the Universe just, well, being outright off it's rocker.

For example, a pizza shop once realized that an ad for it's shop that featured a cappuccino actually had a naked man drawn in the foam. Why a pizza shop was advertising with a picture of a cappuccino is sort of beyond us, but that's that. We don't know how the naked man actually affected revenues.

Did you know that Ford has a patent on a system that can send ads right to your dashboard?

If you ever thought we might really be living in some kind of weird simulation, well, here are 12 examples of what might be glitches in the matrix. You're welcome.

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