When we think of Chris Farley, we think of Matt Foley and Tommy Boy. The film that perfectly displayed Farley’s physical prowess and Spade’s dry, sarcastic jabs also showcased their precious bromantic chemistry. Here’s 15 behind-the-scenes nuggets about a couple of guys trying to save Callahan Auto.

ROB LOWE UNCREDITED AIR CRACKED.COM Despite having a major speaking role as Tommy's step brother, Paul Barish, Rob Lowe remains uncredited. Lowe was contractually obligated to Stephen King's 'The Stand' and couldn't legally sign with another project, so he appeared in Tommy Boy as a favor to friend, Chris Farley.

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OTHER RICHARDS GRAGKED.COM Even though the movie's inception came from Lorne Michaels watching Chris Farley and David Spade's dynamic at SNL, Christian Slater was also considered for the role of Richard. If it weren't for Billy Madison, Sandler was up for the role as well.

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CHRIS FARLEY: STUNTMAN CRACKED COM If anyone was gonna fall flat on his face through a coffee table, it was gonna be Farley. Producer Michael Ewing told him, Chris, we'll get some stunt guy to come in and do this, and he said absolutely not. Не was completely dedicated to doing all his own comedic stunts.

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THE MIDWEST OF TORONTO R CRACKED COM Tommy Boy is set in the Midwest, but filmed mostly in Toronto. The Callahan auto parts plant in Sandusky, Ohio was shot in Toronto's historic Distillery District, and downtown Chicago was shot on Front Street in downtown Toronto.

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DATING DRAMA CRACKED.COM Spade and Farley didn't just compete for Rob Lowe's attention. While shooting the film, the two began dating Lorri Bagley (The skinny-dipper at the hotel pool). This created some tension between them while filming Black Sheep the following year.

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