Some of our favorite movie icons were actually based on a real-life person ... who you'd least expect. Here are 13 examples of that happening:

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Brad Pitt's character in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is based on real life. Tarantino was inspired on stuntman Hal Needham, who was pretty badass - he did the kind of stunts you'd see in The Fast and The Furious, way back in the 1950s and 1960s. CRACKED.COM


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

A character in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is partly based on Johnny Mathis. That'd be Shy Baldwin - Rachel Brosnahan said he's kind of an amalgamation of a lot of different figures who were that successful, but Johnny Mathis comes to mind. CRACKED.COM



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