There are certain movies that are so well-known, so iconic, that they need no introduction. You know the ones I'm talking about - The Godfather, Star Wars, The Shawshank Redemption. These movies have become a part of our culture and are referenced time and again in everyday life. They're the kind of films that people love to watch over and over again and never seem to get old.

Movies are often a form of escapism. They take us to different places and show us worlds we could never experience in our own lives. But sometimes, the scenes in these movies are so bizarre that they're hard to forget.

Everyone has seen iconic movies. From "The Godfather" to "The Shawshank Redemption," these films have entertained and moved audiences for decades. But what you may not know is that some of these movies featured some rather bizarre scenes that didn't make the final cut. Here are a few bizarre scenes from famous movies that will leave you wondering why they were ever included in the first place.

Alien CRACKED.COM How do you take a nightmare creature from the mind of H.R. Giger and make it even more terrifying? If you answered, make it move by crab-walking like a 4th grader on Field Day, you, like whoever filmed this scene, would be wrong. Never forget the #1 rule of horror: the scary thing shouldn't look dumb as $%#&.


Batman V Superman 2016 CRACKED.COM Batman really walks right up to the edge of his no-kill rule when he uses some dude as a human shield.


The Amazing Spider-Man has a cut scene that changes Peter's character. In the scene, when Uncle Ben goes looking for Peter, he finds him-but Peter turns away. CRACKED.COM


The Incredibles 2004 CRACKED.COM Mr. Incredible chops off his fingers at a neighborhood barbequeue, and has to try to hide his gruesome self-mutilation (while still tending the grill).


THE KING'S SPEECH 3 F-WORDS CRACKED COM King George VI must overcome his stutter because the MPAA feels that teens become psychologically damaged if they hear too many F-words. In one funny scene, he stutters the word 5 times in the R rated version, but only 2 times in the PG-13 version.


Terminator 3 CRACKED.COM Wondering why Terminator robots look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? No? Even so, Terminator 3 almost introduced Chief Master Sergeant William Candy, Terminator model played by Arnold Schwarzenegger with a ridiculous overdubbed Southern Accent. Back in a jiffy, y'all!


A fan theory about Wanda Vision is confirmed if you take a deleted scene into account. Fans theorized that Señor Scratchy is actually Agatha's demon familiar, which he is -- in that scene, he transforms into a giant, monstrous demon. CRACKED.COM


Dr. Strangelove GRACKED.COM If Dr. Strangelove had followed the original script, we would have been introduced to an alien named Nardac Blefescu, who made the movie from historical records found on a bombed-out earth. Nardac never made the final script, however, nuking their chances at the first Oscar win for an extraterrestrial.


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