It’s undeniable that comedy is a highly subjective and personal genre. What one person finds hilarious may not be funny at all to another, as well as vice versa. One point most would agree upon is that when a movie is categorized as a comedy, people expect to chuckle or at the very least find it moderately entertaining. Of course, humor is a challenging genre to master because it is practically impossible to connect to every spectator, yet many comedies succeed in reaching a broad audience.

On the other hand, several comedy films fail to be funny in any way.

Many of these films follow the adage that humor is tragedy plus time, and while this is true for many of them, some go above and beyond. Like Patch Adams, these flicks take our concerns and turn them into laughing. Patch Adams isn't on the list, which seems like a squandered chance in retrospect.

Scroll down for more wild examples of comedies that are about things that are not even sort of funny.

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