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Sure, pushing the envelope is part of comedy's job, but you're not exactly supposed to tear up the envelope and stuff it in a shredder. Which, metaphorically, is what these sketches did:

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey

COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM SNL AIRED A SKETCH THAT HAD A JOKE ABOUT CHELSEA CLINTON, AND HAD TO APOLOGIZE. It aired when Bill Clinton was in the White House, and the joke was Chelsea... well, she's a babe in development. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey (who had performed the sketch), and Lorne Michaels, all apologized to the White House.


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Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley

COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM IN THE '90S, SNL AIRED A SKETCHTHAT KIND OF SHADED INTO BODY SHAMING. It was a Chippendales audition sketch that starred Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley, both shirtless, and Farley getting called fat and disgusting at the end - apparently, that sketch really fed into his insecurities.


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