We all know that the news these days can be pretty depressing. There seems to be nothing but bad news to report on, from natural disasters to mass shootings. However, there are also some positives happening in the world, and it's important to remember that despite all the darkness out there, there is still good in the world.

We all know the feeling. We wake up in the morning, scroll through our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and all we see are reports of death, destruction, and disaster. It can be tough to stay positive when it feels like the world is falling apart. But what if we told you that you don't have to look very hard to find good news? There are actually plenty of inspiring, heartwarming stories out there waiting to be discovered. So why not take a break from the negative headlines and check out some positive news instead? You might be surprised by how much better you feel after spending a few minutes reading about some happy endings.

A formerly homeless man put up 17,500 Christmas lights for charity. Не put them up on his house, and he did it all to raise money for the homeless hostel where he'd stayed a decade and a half ago. CRACKED.COM


A new brain therapy is having revolutionary success against depression. It's developed at Stanford and involves stimulating a brain with a magnetic field, and it can deliver great results in just a few days of treatment. CRACKED.COM


Over 97% of people serving in the US military have now been vaccinated. U.S. ARMY PANGER AIRBORNE AA There are about 35,000 unvaccinated service members left, and that number includes members with pending exemption requests. CRACKED.COM


A McD's employee jumped through a drive-thru window to save someone from choking. The teenager saw that a woman was choking on a chicken nugget, so she hopped through the window to save her. CRACKED.COM


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