14 Major Characters Who Were There Before Anyone Noticed Them

They saw us before we saw them.
14 Major Characters Who Were There Before Anyone Noticed Them

In movies, there are always major characters that dominate the screen time and steal the show. While there are many minor supporting characters that help move the story forward, it is these major players that leave a lasting impression on audiences. From Harry Potter to Luke Skywalker, these characters have entertained and inspired generations of moviegoers.

No one pays much attention to the background characters. They're always there, but they don't get noticed until someone in the foreground dies or leaves. These are the people who have been around for a while, but no one ever really knows their names. In real life, they're the ones who do all the work behind the scenes and make everything run smoothly. They may not be famous, but they're an integral part of any story. Without them, nothing would ever happen.

There are some major characters in books, movies, and other creative works which play a significant role but are not the main focus. The story might not be about them, but they make a huge impact all the same. Here are just a few of those unsung heroes.

Samantha Reyes

Daredevil District Attorney Samantha Reyes is a major presence in Season 2 of Netflix's Daredevil - but that's not the first we see of her. She previously appeared in a Jessica Jones episode, interrogating the titular super-powered detective.

Source: Bustle

Leela's Parents, Munda and Morris

Futurama Leela's parents are part of a mutant crowd in Season 2's I Second That Emotion, two seasons before Leela actually met them. (By then, the writers decided they didn't look mutant enough, and gave them tentacles).

Source: Vulture

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