Tell Us Now: 17 Incredible Opening Movie Scenes

Movies worth at least watching the first 10 minutes...
Tell Us Now: 17 Incredible Opening Movie Scenes

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's the best opening scene of a movie?” We were surprised by the variety of answers, with no true consensus. But here are 17 of the highest-voted answers. See for yourself if you agree with them…

... TELL US NOW. X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Luis А. simply says, Cuz it freakin' rocks. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. WATCHMEN OOR WARNER BROS. PICTURES AND PARAMOUNT PICTURES PRESENT DE - - Mike В. says, It tells the entire backstory of the superheroes and alternate world history that came before the presentday storyline, and this is just during the opening credits. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. THE WAY OF THE GUN Jody H. tell sus, A somewhat forgettable movie, with an opening featuring a mouthy Sarah Silverman that I vividly remember 20+ years later. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. SUPER TROOPERS Dee W. says, Watching the cops really mess with the stoner kids bought me in immediately. I knew this movie was going to be gold. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. STAR WARS: EPISODE III REVENGE OF THE SITH Nunez А. says, That intro of the Battle over Coruscant is epic!!! CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. SCREAM Charles W. likes the opening scene because it sets the horror tone for the rest of the film, and the films that follow. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. REQUIEM FOR A DREAM Kyle R. tells US, As the movie begins you can hear the orchestra tuning up in the background. And it introduces the characters in a succinct manner that provides hints at what's to come. Visuals, sound and story-wise, it's brilliant. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. RAISING ARIZONA Bob W. says, It's like 20 minutes into the movie before you even see the title card, but it just sets up the entire movie! They don't go with the standard forced exposition approach for character development used in all movies. They just flat out tell you who all the main characters are, where they're at in life, how they got there, and what's going to happen in the movie. Then ВАМ, movie starts. It was like going to see a play with the program explaining all the characters back stories given to you,
... TELL US NOW. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN Kristian F. tells us, Some of the best and most realistic depictions of the brutality of war ever made! CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. STAR WARS: EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE Greg W. says, The theme and the crawl. Then a really cool space ship. Followed by a MUCH bigger even cooler space ship shooting at it. Blew my nine-year-old mind. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. THE MATRIX Rob S. says, Trinity's confrontation with an agent establishes the entire visual language for the rest of the film series. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. LORD OF THE RINGS Bailey L. raves, That intro to Hobbiton, that theme...nothing hits quite like it. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. THE LAST BOY SCOUT Mike M. says this movie has the best opening scene because there's nothing like playing football with firearms. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. THE ITALIAN JOB Mat K. says, Swiss mountain road. A cool suave Italian dude driving a Lamborghini Muira. The sound of that glorious V12 infused with Matt Monroe's beautiful singing. Basically petrolhead p*rn. Until the bulldozer appears... CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. GOODFELLAS Maiguel E. says, A piece of the center of the movie put in the beginning with no clue what's happening, to which you then catch up later on, and it makes the scene twice as funny. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. GHOST SHIP Josh W. explains simply, Because everyone gets decapitated all at once in the beginning. The rest of the movie sucks though. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. BACK TO THE FUTURE 1 2 M ID 4 8 7 53 S Z d - O 7 65 Kyle В. says, In one long tracking shot, we learn that Doc is a home inventor, obsessed with clocks/time, lost his home in a fire, has a dog, a mysterious supply of stolen plutonium, and a young friend who plays guitar - all with visuals and a single line of dialogue. CRACKED.COM
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