26 Trivia Tidbits About Famous Inventions

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26 Trivia Tidbits About Famous Inventions

What would we do without the telephone, light bulb, or television? All of these famous inventions have greatly impacted our lives, and we often take them for granted. Every day, we use inventions without even thinking about them. We might brush our teeth with an invention called toothpaste or drive in a car invented by someone else.

Some inventions are so famous that you can name them without thinking. The light bulb, the telephone, and even the chocolate chip cookie were all created by people who changed the world with their ideas. Here are some interesting facts about some of history's most famous inventions. Did you know that... 

For example, did you know that... the light bulb was actually invented twice? Thomas Edison may be the most commonly associated with this invention, but he wasn't the first person to create a working model. Another inventor, Joseph Swan, actually came up with a design for a light bulb before Edison did - but his version wasn't as reliable. Who knew?! Read on to learn more about these and other famous inventions!

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