I hope you all are staying warm this winter! We know it's been a little tough with the polar vortex and all, but here are some fun facts to help keep you cozy. Just think, if we can get through this cold weather, summer will be here before we know it! So until then, stay warm and enjoy these random facts...we tried our best to make them interesting. ;)

As you all know, we love learning new things, and the focus of this article is on things that will keep us warm this winter. Brace yourselves, friends - it's going to be a wild ride! Who knows what kind of weird and wacky information we’ll uncover? But one thing is for sure: it'll be fun, informative, and (most importantly) warm. 

The fact is winter is coming (where have we heard that before? ), and brain our cells are beginning to freeze. (Ed note: this is not a thing). The good news is that these facts can be both warming and refreshing! You still don't believe us? Scroll on down and see for yourself…

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