30 Bonkers Stats About the World That Sound Fake, But Aren’t

30 Bonkers Stats About the World That Sound Fake, But Aren’t

We all enjoy a good science-fiction film or an interstellar superhero epic that transports us to remote planets and the cosmos. But the truth is, there’s a lot of mind-blowing stuff going on right now on Earth. For example, did you realize that our oceans contain about $700 trillion in gold? Or the world’s highest peak isn’t even Mount Everest? Bet you didn’t. Shoot, we should have bet you all of the gold in the ocean. Maybe next time…

When broken down into raw data and statistics, the actual world can seem more like science fiction and may be just as mind-boggling. Here are 32 examples, if you’d just scroll down…

95% OF SUSHI IS MISLABELED. Conservation group Oceana recently found that roughly a third of the time, seafood sold at U.S. markets and restaurants had been swapped for species that are cheaper, overfished, or risky. The worst offender was sushi restaurants. Out of 118 visited, 95% sold fish that varied from their menu. Hamachi was incorrectly labeled in every case. CRACKED.COM


It can cost $250 million to make one NASA spacesuit Spacesuits aren't custom-fitted... NASA mixes arms and leg sections to adjust to different astronauts. CRACKED.COM


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