31 Wild Origin Stories Behind Iconic Pop-Culture Staples

Tina Belcher was originally Daniel Belcher
31 Wild Origin Stories Behind Iconic Pop-Culture Staples

Sometimes, creating a piece of pop culture is a meticulous, mapped-out endeavor. You know exactly what the story is and who to cast. Youve totally planned out exactly how obvious it is that Verbal Kint can read the underside of a coffee cup. But other times, a bunch of wild accidents and/or happy unforeseen circumstances create insane hiccups. Fortunately, once the hiccups are scared out of the creators — and maybe a good amount of proverbial water is consumed, you know, for the creative hiccups; admittedly, this metaphor kinda got away from us — these unplanned ideas turn into iconic staples.

Did you know, for example, the reason a man voices Tina from Bob's Burgers is that the character was originally supposed to be a boy? More on that and 30 other origins stories of iconic pop-culture staples…

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