31 Wild Origin Stories Behind Iconic Pop-Culture Staples

31 Wild Origin Stories Behind Iconic Pop-Culture Staples

Sometimes, creating a piece of pop culture is a meticulous, mapped-out endeavor. You know exactly what the story is and who to cast. Youve totally planned out exactly how obvious it is that Verbal Kint can read the underside of a coffee cup. But other times, a bunch of wild accidents and/or happy unforeseen circumstances create insane hiccups. Fortunately, once the hiccups are scared out of the creators — and maybe a good amount of proverbial water is consumed, you know, for the creative hiccups; admittedly, this metaphor kinda got away from us — these unplanned ideas turn into iconic staples.

Did you know, for example, the reason a man voices Tina from Bob's Burgers is that the character was originally supposed to be a boy? More on that and 30 other origins stories of iconic pop-culture staples…

JYNX IS A YAMA-UBA GRACKED.COM Another mountain dwelling, people-eating demon, the Yama-uba are crones that live alone and try to lure hapless travelers to their cabins, where the people-eating occurs. Although Jynx doesn't look like it would be able to lure anyone anywhere, the rhythm by which it shakes its hips is stated to be so alluring that people are compelled to sashay along with it.


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