15 Wild Origin Stories Of Celebrity Stage Names

Who said it? "I am Caryn, but I was a bit of a stinker"
15 Wild Origin Stories Of Celebrity Stage Names

Some celebs find their given name so embarrassing, they have to make up a fun new one – or even a whole new personality. It's a tale as old as time: someone thinks they're names too boring, someone has the same name as someone else and has to set themselves apart, and sometimes a racist old studio head thinks you sound far too Jewish to have any success. 

It's sort of silly: shouldn't one's talent be enough? But when your name is in lights, you gotta shine. Would you really believe “David Jones” is from outer space, or are you lining up for a feature by an alien from Mars named DAVID BOWIE??! See the difference? It's subtle, but it's there.

Just wait until you get to Caryn. Like “Karen” with a “C” and “Y.” She's a performer you definitely know, who came up with a world-renowned moniker based on her most un-hide-able flaw. 

Ringo Starr CRACKED COM RICHARD STARKEY was always a drum wiz, and pals used to call his solos Starr Time. As for the Ringo part? Strap in, it's a
Lady Gaga A producer thought her voice sounded like the Queen song Radio Ga-Ga. When he went to text her that bon mot, it was autocorrected to Lady
John Legend Poet J. Ivy once told him JOHN STEPHENS was a bit old-school' for his legendary sound. When Chrissy Teigen was asked why she didn't ta
Vin Diesel He began life as MARK SINCLAIR, but transformed into Vin Diesel when, as a young nightclub bouncer, friends noticed he was so jacked out of
Calvin Harris CRACKED COM ADAM WILES won't answer to Calvin Harris when he's not behind the DJ booth: I'm sorry this is ridiculous. You're speaking
Miley Cyrus ICRACKEDCOM DESTINY HOPE CYRUS wanted to use a stage name when she began acting, SO she went with a slight twist on her childhood moniker,
Carmen Electra A yine CRACKED CON When she was trying out for a musical group, a young TARA LEIGH PATRICK was told by none other than Prince that: Yo
lggy Azalea CRACKED CON When her dog was recovering from a snake bite, a young AMETHYST AMELIA KELLY got a necklace with his name on it: Iggy. She w
Nicolas Cage CRACKED COM A young actor named NICOLAS KIM COPPOLA kept getting razzed by his castmates on his first gig, because of his famous uncle: F
Woody Allen ORACKEDCO COM SURPRISE--WoOdY Allen is a creep! to a childhood friend, young ALLEN STEWART KONIGSBERG was obsessed with a girl whose dog's
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