25 Wild Celebrity Freakouts On Set and Off

25 Wild Celebrity Freakouts On Set and Off

Celebrities! They're rich and have class… Sometimes? And sometimes they freak out and end up on a list like this. Look, we're huge movie nerds here, we love behind-the-scenes facts, we love learning how the proverbial sausage is made when our favorite pieces of pop culture are being ground into a flavorful medley and stuffed into a tight casing. Oh damn, we just realized we might be hungry. Let's get some food before we freak out. 

Anyway, we here at Cracked understand that making movies and TV shows are high-pressure situations. Performers are putting their most vulnerable selves on display in a highly public way. There's money and legacy and professional pride at stake. It'd be a little weird if people didn't freak out from time to time. But sometimes those freakouts go overboard. Sometimes lines are crossed. And unfortunately for movie stars, the public is going to find out about it. Here are 25 incidents that made us go WHOAH:

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