13 Pop Culture Revelations We’re Ecstatic To Share With You

13 Pop Culture Revelations We’re Ecstatic To Share With You

Pop culture is simply the cool stuff that mass popular audiences enjoy. It's the music we listen to on the radio, the movies we see in theaters, and the TV shows we watch at home. Pop culture can also include books, fashion trends, and toys that are popular with kids and adults alike. In a way, pop culture is a reflection of who we are as a society. It's the things that we collectively enjoy and that help to shape our values and beliefs. Some people love pop culture because it's fun and entertaining. Others see it as a way to stay connected with the wider world. And still, others view it as a valuable window into the human condition. Whatever your opinion, there's no denying that pop culture plays an important role in our lives.

There are some pop culture revelations that we’re just thrilled to share with you. From new trailers for anticipated movies to the revelation of a potential secret love child, here are some major pop culture moments you don’t want to miss. So sit back, relax, and get ready to have your mind blown!

Charlton Comics

THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME CRACKED.COM Early in the movie young Arvin can be seen reading a Charlton comic book. Charlton Comics was founded in 1945, and while they published some super gory horror comics (at least, for that time), the publisher also launched the careers of many famous comics creators including Steve Ditko who-wink to Tom Holland- co-created Spider-Man. COMICS SPE PER WINE HAUNTED 07

Source: Looper

All the circles in Palm Springs

ALL THE CIRCLES IN PALM SPRINGS CRACKED.COM From the pool tubes to Nyles' boxers to even Sarah's bra with tiny polka dots, there are circles all over the movie to represent the time loop that's happening.

Source: Screen Rant

The Star Wars Easter egg hidden in Cowboy Bebop

CRACKED.COM COWBOY ВЕВОР The show's props and weapons master Nick Komornicki revealed that Han Solo's blaster is hiding somewhere on the Bebop. Fans are trying hard to spot the Star Wars Easter egg.

Source: CBR

Oscar the Grouch

THE SESAME STREET EASTER EGG IN HALO INFINITE CRACKED.COM nen OSCAR'S HOUSE The urban-themed map has an alleyway featuring two dumpsters with one tagged as Oscar's House. It's the only trash can with that tag, and it of course refers to Oscar the Grouch.

Source: GameSpot

Watchmen Newsstand

EXPRESS and NY OKSO DICK CRACKED.COM WATCHMEN Moore and Gibson always returned to the image of the newsstand in their comic, and the show pays tribute to it (image used is from episode 2). Mister NEWS TULSA EBT BELEVERY I

Source: Vulture

Epsilon robes

GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE CRACKED.COM If you tip the bathroom attendant 500 times, you'll receive the Epsilon robes from the cult in GTA: San Andreas.

Source: TheGamer


THE CANDYMAN HOMAGE IN THE SANTA CLAUSE 3: THE ESCAPE CLAUSE CRACKED.COM Or you can argue that both films are referencing Hellmouth, the European imagery believed to have originated in Anglo-Saxon art.

Source: Twitter


THE HIDDEN BEAUTY AND THE BEAST EASTER EGG IN ALADDIN. CRACKED.COM In a classic blink-and-youill-miss-it moment where the Sultan is building his stack of animal toys, the camera pans out and a Beast toy can be seen poking out from the left side of the toy tower.

Source: Looper

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